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Recent Achievements and Forward Plans

Bosbury CE Primary School has achieved a huge amount over recent times. Our most recent achievements include:

 Fully-trained Maths Mastery Specialist teachers; 

⇒ Bosbury becoming a Thrive school with our lovely school dog Otto;

⇒ All curriculums being rewritten;

⇒ Creating a valuable link with the Tara school in Rwanda, with two members of staff visiting the school in Rwanda during the summer of 2018 and Emmanuel, the Headteacher of the Tara school visiting Bosbury in 2019 

⇒ IT Consultants supporting the school with the use of IPads, computing, film making and E-Safety;

⇒ Five school councils: Arts, Eco, Ethos, Eco, School and Sports being active and making decisions to better our school community - the Ethos council is also joined by the local Vicar and school Governor responsible for Christian Distinctiveness;

⇒ Global Days termly, looking and reflecting on the world around us;

⇒ British Values and Bosbury Christian values interwoven into all Collective Worship and class work;

⇒ All children visiting the school library weekly, with a parent volunteer librarian;

⇒ Sports leaders from the Kidderminster Harriers Foundation being trained yearly to support structured play on the school field and playgrounds;

⇒ All children playing an instrument daily and performing twice yearly to parents;

A Gold Arts Mark Award for our achievements in art, drama, music and dance;

A Gold Sports Mark Award as well as Certificates of Recognition from Stride Active Herefordshire for our sport and PE provision;

⇒ Strong partnerships with sport, art, drama and music venues such as John Masefield High School, the University of Worcester, The Courtyard Theatre Hereford, the Kidderminster Harriers Foundation, Ledbury Swimming Pool and Ledbury Rugby Football Club;

⇒ Artists and poets in residence working regularly in school;

⇒ A daily Mile Run around the school field for each child (many adults like to take part too!);

⇒ Grants supporting enrichment across the school;

⇒ Double the amount of Government-recommended swimming lessons across the school from Year 1 up to Year 5;

⇒ A modern language being taught throughout the school to every child by our language teacher which changes regularly;

⇒ Friends of Bosbury School (FOBS), our brilliant parent volunteer group actively raise money for the school;

A first circus event at the school with all children being trained in circus skills in the summer of 2019;

⇒ School and parents raising money for our link to the Rwandan school;

⇒ Six trainee teachers successfully completing their placements at Bosbury in recent years through strong links with teaching colleges in Worcester and Birmingham;

⇒ All of our current teaching assistants having gained new Level 3 qualifications through the Skills Network in areas of expertise very much at the forefront of education at present with the ongoing health crisis such as children's mental health and well-being, understanding autism in children, managing challenging behaviour in children and allergy awareness in children;

⇒ Rigour and a huge focus being placed on the improvement and development of handwriting, spelling and phonics across the school;

⇒ Bosbury becoming a reading school with all children reading daily and the whole school reading together through the 'Big Read' events in the school hall;

⇒ Kidderminster Harriers Foundation sports coaches teaching all children PE throughout the week as well as mentoring sports leaders;

⇒ All children having their weekly exercise quantity tracked;

⇒ Three qualified forest school leaders now working at Bosbury, with forest school being taught throughout the year to all year groups and the forest school site continuing to be developed through the planting of further trees, new willow and other building materials being introduced and new crafted wooden seating around the central fire pit area;

⇒ A specialist music teacher teaching all children while also running a drumming club and a school choir;

⇒ Over 90% of our children attending after school and lunch time clubs, with an average of fifteen clubs being available each term;

⇒ Playground equipment in both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playgrounds being increased due to diligent parent fundraising during the 2019/20 academic year;

⇒ Key Stage 2 Sports Leaders helping to lead playground games daily for Key Stage 1 children;

⇒ Skills and knowledge clearly mapped out in all areas so progression is clearer across the school;

⇒ A Parent Forum running for seven years and meeting termly;

⇒ Bosbury School Choir performing to many audiences in and out of school, and;

A new school pond, with the site being dug and lining being kindly donated by the 2019/20 Year 6 Leavers' Group, with all pupils being invited to submit their own designs for a new pond through a competition held during the 2021 COVID-19 lockdown period.



Our Forward Plans 

But we're not stopping there! Below are just a few of the exciting aims we would like to work towards and accomplish:

⇒ Two new members of staff to be trained in Maths Mastery, with this new philosophy being embedded across the school;

⇒ A French link school being created;

⇒ Restarting the Bosbury School orchestra with an additional new music teacher;

⇒ Gaining an Eco Award for work done to help improve the surrounding environment;

⇒ Maths progress for both Key Stage 1 and 2 to increase;

⇒ Spelling progress for both Key Stage 1 and 2 to increase, and;

⇒ The continued development completion of the new school pond.