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School Crossing Patrol and Road Safety

At Bosbury School we are very lucky to have a School Crossing Patrol Officer (SCPO, or, yes, lollipop man!) who is employed by the school itself rather than the local Council to help children and their parents cross the often-busy road outside school in the morning and afternoon.

Mr. Ponter is our SCPO, and the crossing patrol normally operates between 8:45 and 9:00am in the mornings and 3:00 and 3:30pm in the afternoons. Please note that the crossing patrol may not be able to operate on occasion due to Mr. Ponter being needed to cover staff absences, take classes at the start or end of the day or accompany children on school trips or sports competitions - these occasions will always be notified to parents via the school's text messaging service the day beforehand and parents should take extra care crossing their children over the road when the SCPO is unavailable.

Speaking of crossing the road, with lots of lovely new families joining us this year and such a long break occurring for all of us due to the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we thought it would be useful to provide a reminder of road safety at Bosbury in order to ensure that our school community continues to be kept as safe as possible.



If you need to cross the road to school from the church side, it is always safest to use the SCPO who crosses children and their parents to the left of the school drive as shown by the green arrows above. Remember to cross in front of the SCPO and not behind, and please remind your children not to cross until Mr. Ponter says the infamous words, "Cross now!". Please try and avoid crossing children to the right of the school drive where cars often park as shown by the red arrows above - visibility is greatly reduced when crossing children in-between parked cars and there is the added danger of parked cars suddenly reversing.

Please drive safely and DO NOT exceed 30mph when driving in the village - 20mph is more advisable when in front of the school during the busiest times of day. DO NOT park on the yellow zig-zag lines found directly outside the school entrance, even if it is only for a few seconds to drop children off. This is enforceable by law and can make it very difficult for the SCPO to cross children and their parents safely and is extremely dangerous at a time when there are lots of people using the top of the school drive. Please also avoid parking directly in front of the church gates, and also along the path between the village hall and church - parking in these places causes dangerous obstructions to pedestrians as well as reducing visibility for the SCPO.

If no parking spaces are available on the school side of the road or on the stretch of wider pavement in front of the churchyard, the village hall car park is available to use but please ensure that you only park here for as long as necessary to drop off and collect children from school - parents should be vacated from this car park by 9:15am in the morning and 3:45pm in the afternoon (4:15pm when after school clubs are on). Occasionally the village hall car park may be closed to parents due to the hall having been booked for an event - these closures will be notified to parents again via the school's text messaging service and we ask that parents please comply with any closures.

Please DO NOT drive down to the school car park to drop off or collect children unless you have been obstructed to do so by staff in order to collect children for example in a medical emergency, and please also DO NOT park in the side road to the right of the school bollards - this is a private drive and we are extremely keen as a school to maintain good relations with our neighbours. We do not advise parking down the lane to the right of the churchyard unless there is no other option as the narrow lane coupled with cars using this junction to turn around can create a significant hazard to pedestrians.

Take care when waiting with children in the school car park at the start of the day or collecting them at the end of the day as there may be staff vehicles moving, and during the ongoing pandemic we would like to remind parents to maintain social distancing in front of the school, vacate the premises as soon as your child has been dropped off or collected, and try and avoid congregating and chatting in groups in front of the school and up the drive. 


A HUGE thank you to all of our families for complying with the above instructions and helping to keep our school community as safe as possible both in terms of road safety and in light of the ongoing pandemic.