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What's Been Happening at Bosbury School During Lockdown?

Bosbury School may have been completely closed to pupils since the Easter Holidays, but that doesn't mean time has stood still in and around our lovely school. The magical and mysterious Bosbury pixies have been hard at work cleaning, sorting, hoovering, dusting, building, ordering, spending and shovelling in order to ensure that Bosbury School looks the best it has ever been for when we can finally welcome back the majority of our pupils in what we hope will now be the not-too-distant future.



First and foremost were the classrooms - a main target for the cleaning pixies as countless trays were washed, sorted and relabelled so that pupils can easily find the pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, glue sticks and paper as well as more exotic stationery such as protractors and compasses ready to write those brilliant stories and tackle those tricky maths problems next school year. Art cupboards and games cupboards were also re-arranged so that pupils have easy access to those poster paints as and aprons as well as those chess sets, Jenga blocks and Connect 4 games during wet playtimes!




Bookshelves have also been fastidiously re-organized and labelled so that Bosbury's avid young readers now know exactly where to go for their Roald Dahls, Michael Murpurgos, Horrible Histories, Harry Potters and Diary of a Wimpy Kids, and, on the subject of books, the pixies have been hard at work churning out literally hundreds of shiny new exercise books ready for pupils to use next year!




Class 1 fairy Pixie Christie has been very busy with the help of a young lady from Class 2 and another even younger young lady who will be joining us from Jack-in-the-Box Nursery in September, moving countless boxes of all of the various assorted toys and other items which our Reception children love to use and play with into the new shed in the Class 1 garden. The shed itself has been given a fetching new coat of paint, with our trusty handyman friend Handy Andy even managing to repaint the playhouse as well!




Still on the subject of our lovely sheds, Pixie Thompson was extremely excited to take delivery of Bosbury's brand new PE shed back in March just before schools across the country had to close (can you believe it's been that long?), and although we were very sad that pupils were denied being able to use it soon after it was constructed, the lockdown period has given the pixies a chance to have a massive sort out of all our sporting equipment old and new, being hugely assisted by the sturdy shelves which Handy Andy added to an already spacious storage facility!





The Key Stage 2 decking area was also in for some Handy Andy treatment as this sheltered area which is always very popular with the children was given a brand new felt roof to give full protection to pupils and staff alike in any wet and windy weather which happens to hit us this winter.



Heading back into school, the pixies have also done a tremendous job in giving one of Bosbury School's most notorious areas for looking rather unkempt a serious and well-organized makeover. Yes, the exclusive, rare and never-before-seen photos below show our loft area - possibly the most mysterious and restricted area of the school which pupils never usually get to see! Thanks to diligent boxing, sorting and throwing away of surplus resources in the infamous Costume and Textile Departments, the floorboards are now fully visible for the first time in decades and we even believe that there is room for two people to have a (socially distant) dance up there!





Here at Bosbury we always take fire safety extremely seriously, and to this end, Fire Warden Pixie Ponter has taken full advantage of this extended period of lockdown to renumber all of the school's fire-related equipment, with emergency lighting being checked, fire extinguishers being given the trademark shiny Bosbury polish, and any faults in fire doors being swiftly corrected by Handy Andy.





Finally, and the new addition to the school which we are probably most excited about in terms of expanding extra-curricular opportunities, our brand new greenhouse is fully complete with large wooden planters for each class and gardening club being filled to the brim with prime soil for planting thanks to the hard work of Pixies Cooke, Doug, Dark and Bolton with their wheelbarrows and shovels!




A HUGE thank you to all of the dedicated team of Bosbury pixies who have worked so hard over the last eight weeks to make our school better than ever, with our grateful thanks also to the very much Handy Andy who carried out a huge number of improvements to our school over the last few weeks. We cannot wait to fully welcome all pupils and staff back to be able to benefit from all of these new additions and enhancements!