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Bosbury School is BACK!

It was 164 days since we had to close our school doors for the first time in Bosbury School's fifty-year history for a reason other than holidays, staff training and parents' evenings, but at 9:00am on Thursday 4th September 2020, the magical long-awaited moment finally arrived when were able to put the bunting up outside school in the lovely early autumn sunshine and welcome back ALL of our lovely pupils (along with our new Reception starters and several other new children) after the unprecedented nationwide lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic!





Despite a few changes to the normal school day such as new handwashing stations on playgrounds, packed lunches being eaten in the hall and outside taking advantage of the lovely weather, separate assemblies taking place for the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 'bubbles' and staggered school finishing times, we have been absolutely amazed at how well all of our incredible children have settled back into school life despite around 80% of pupils not having set foot in a classroom for six months. It has been an absolute delight to see all of the smiling faces from children who are clearly so pleased to be back at school learning and seeing their friends.





But what have our returning Bosbury School superstars been up to in particular during their first exciting fortnight back at school? Let's take a peek, class by class...






Our lovely Class 1 children, including seventeen new Reception children who have settled in just brilliantly, have spent their first two weeks at 'big' school enjoying all the great resources and making new friends in the Class 1 garden, doing lots of busy counting work with Mrs. Thompson and Miss Christie in maths, letting off steam in PE by finding lots of different ways to move around cones and having superb fun at lunchtimes exploring their new playground and play equipment...





... while the new Class 2, very excited to be with their new teacher Mr. Thompson who has made the move from teaching Year 5 and 6 to team-up with Miss Cooke and Mrs. Swain have been embracing their first topic of the year of 'superheroes', getting into character and producing some superb star writing about the heroic Supertato and his battles against the villainous Evil Pea, as well as taking to our lusciously green school field to use all of their senses to explore and experience the world of Mother Nature and what God has created.






The new Class 3, with many of them being lucky enough to have Mrs. Dark as their teacher for another year with our school dog Wilf and owner Mrs. Christopherson also being with them in class had a very busy start to the new school year, doing lots of exciting role play to act out the parts of George and his less-than-pleasant Granny in the classic Roald Dahl story George's Marvellous Medicine  as their new class topic, also engaging in some Marvellous Medicine experiments of their own!

They also tested out different tastes on their tongue in a fitting experiment in science which resulted in some very funny facial expressions, before really impressing our new Kidderminster Harriers sports coach Mr. Handy with their superb tag rugby skills before finishing off their first fortnight in therapeutic style with some great watercolour artwork.






Class 4 have been out building their very own Roman roads with Mrs. Turnbull using soil, gravel and rocks and showing the kind of precision demonstrated by the workforce of Julius Caesar's empire itself by digging drainage ditches, making cambers and layering different sizes of rock to make the road surface, before getting to know each other again after such a lengthy period of lockdown by going on a fact-finding mission on the playground armed with their trusty clipboards.







Finally, the new Class 5 have been put through their paces by Mrs. McManus and Mr. Ponter with some lovely tricky place value and negative number work to welcome them, with the class also producing some very impressive creative writing and convincing role play after beginning studying their story about a child at a Victorian workhouse. You think that Bosbury School teachers can be scary? You haven't seen anything when our new Year 5 and 6 children take on the role of workhouse masters with their metre ruler sticks to hand!

Our oldest pupils have also LOVED returning to our forest school area which has had a chance to truly flourish over the lockdown period, getting back into building impressive shelters, climbing trees, surfing on logs, concocting charcoal mixtures, braving the infamous Tunnel of Doom (™), weaving some lovely natural crowns, and even forming their very own forest school band as they are looking forward to learning how to tie specific types of knots with Miss Cooke next week in order to strengthen their hand-made dwellings even further.




Although at present with current COVID restrictions we are sadly unable to run any after school clubs, Mr. Handy has wasted no time in getting a new lunchtime sports club set up which our Key Stage 2 children have already really started to enjoy, with a very encouraging number of young female athletes in particular choosing to get stuck into some tag rugby and rounders as Mr. Handy is hoping to introduce hockey to Class 3, 4 and 5 PE lessons next week.

We've also held our first fire drill of the new school year with all children including our new starters conducting themselves in an efficient and impeccable manner to enable the entire school to evacuate the building and assemble at the churchyard across the road in a record time of just under three minutes, have passed our annual fire audit with flying colours, have conducted staff welfare and performance checks with two of our school governors, have held our first parent forum of the 2020/21 academic year, have received £6,000 from the very generous FOBS to fund new playground equipment as well as Key Stage 1 outdoor musical instruments and a new Key Stage 2 reading shed, while Mrs. Dark, Mrs. Walker and Mrs. McManus are busy continuing their respective Senior Leadership, Doctorate in Education and Masters in Education courses. Gosh, haven't we all been busy and achieved so much in just the first twelve days we have been back at school?

Unfortunately, as was perhaps to be fully expected, a number of nasty colds have started doing the rounds (affecting pupils and staff alike!) as our immune systems are understandably unsure quite what has hit them after being away from full classrooms for so long, so if you are unsure of whether to send your child to school, please consult the detailed guidance which has been sent out to parents over the last week. Please bear in mind as the colder weather draws nearer that several symptoms of COVID such as fever and dry coughing are common to several of the far less severe colds, flus, bugs and general nastiness which naturally begin to circulate around this time of year, but if you are still worried or uncertain about any symptoms which your child displays, please do not hesitate to phone or email school for advice or guidance - we are always here to help during these more challenging and unique times.

Here is a closing message from our Headteacher Miss Spence at the end of such a busy and happy first fortnight of post-lockdown schooling. A HUGE thank you to all of our parents and carers and a MASSIVE well done to all of our superstar children who have embraced the challenge of returning to full-time learning with such positivity. Keep up the exemplary work and outstanding attitudes everyone!


Dear Parents and Carers

What a wonderful first fortnight we have had back at school. Speed of learning is already picking up. Children are interested, motivated and asking lots of questions which is just what we want to see and hear.

Thank you to all parents who have taught their children such great social skills throughout lockdown. This is the best year ever. The children are really friendly, kind and remembering to stop and say hello. There are even children asking how we are and have we had a nice day—what a joy!

Our Christian value this month is RESPONSIBILITY and we have been talking about how to show responsibility at school and at home. We have talked about how little actions can make a big difference. We hope all the children at Bosbury have at least one job or responsibility at home to help out with family life.

We are very grateful to all of the parents for keeping the front of the school moving so swiftly. We feel the arrangements are going really well at drop off and pick up. Please don’t forget we like to hear about any problems so we can solve them.—just email the school or phone.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Miss Maggie Spence

Bosbury CE Primary School Headteacher