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Bosbury Welcomes and Goodbyes to Start the Year!

A new year brings a few new changes to the Bosbury staff and governors roll!

Firstly, we bid a fond farewell to Mr. Dan Walker, who was given the highly-unenviable and formidable task of following in the footsteps of Mrs. Barbara Kaye, who had sat in the Secretary's chair at Bosbury for over thirty years. Mr. Walker's arrival also has the misfortune of co-inciding with the second national COVID-19 lockdown in January last year.

Despite the immense task, Mr. Walker embraced the challenge, playing a key part in helping to steer the school through a second year of being blighted by the effects of coronavirus, taking on School Business Administrator duties at the front end, managing the phone and keeping all of the school's records and finances in order. His expert ICT skills proved invaluable in particular at a time when many of our pupils' lessons had to continue taking place via online learning.

We wish Mr. Walker all the very best in his new role, although we are sure that Mrs. Walker will keep us up to date with how he is getting on! We will miss his calm and highly efficient way of working, with those existing members of staff who are perhaps not the best of friends with all things computer-related probably missing his technological guidance and expertise the most!

We therefore give a very warm Bosbury welcome to our new School Business Administrator Mrs. Joanne Bentley, already a very familiar face in our school community due to her two brilliant boys Billy and Archie having already attended our school and lovely daughter Ruby still being in Class 5.

Mrs. Bentley has taken up the literal front seat at school at another extremely tricky time with our school going through further nasty Covid outbreaks, but she has taken up the challenge unfazed, being quick to pick up and adapt to the many workings of the Bosbury School nerve centre and fitting in very well with the staff team with her very friendly and approachable manner. Mrs. Bentley also has experience in secondary school teaching, and so has a very good prior knowledge of the day-to-day running of a school!

We wish her the best of luck in her new role as our school hopefully reverts back to a state of stability and near-normality in the near future, and with Mrs. Bentley we also welcome a another brand new member of our staffing team: our lovely additional school dog to join Otto, Teddy!

Teddy is a highly intelligent and sociable cockapoo crossbreed, combining the sweet nature of a cocker spaniel with the trainability and good humour of a poodle. He is hyperallergenic, but will be spending the majority of time in school helping Mrs. Bentley in the office as Deputy School Business Administrator. He is particularly looking forward to helping to hand out tooth envelopes to children who are expecting a visit from a certain fairy, and, as you can see, he became an instant hit with the pupils during only his very first day!



On the school governing body, we welcome Miss Lizzie Merrick, who was recently appointed as a new Parent Governor. Lizzie is a registered general nurse, currently working as a Registered Home Manager of a private Neurological Rehabilitation Service to support young adults. She was previously an ITU nurse before taking the leap into management, and is a keen competitive horse-rider.

Lizzie has two lovely boys at Bosbury, Oscar in Class 1 and Arthur in Class 2, and was even a Bosbury School pupil herself! We wonder how much the school has changed since she was a pupil here?

Welcome also to our latest new Parent Governor, Mrs. Jill Walters. Jill has two lovely grandchildren at Bosbury, Bertie and Class 2 and Bea in Class 3, and we are extremely excited to have her expertise join the governing body after giving many hours of her time over recent years helping to support reading at school. Jill even took the time to bake us a lovely chocolate cake recently to keep tired staff going over this these tricky times of Covid outbreaks!

Thank you and congratulations to both Lizzie and Jill, and we look forward to embracing what they are able to bring to our dedicated team of governors.

With their arrival comes the departure of Mr. Digby Morgan, Mr. Chris Coleman and Mr. Bob Repper, who have now all finished their terms of office as Parent Governors and Community Governor respectively.

Digby, Chris and Bob have put in many hours between them in order to support the leadership of our school, particularly during the unprecedented challenges which COVID-19 has presented over the last two years, and for this our school thanks them immensely.

We are delighted that Bob has chosen to continue supporting our school in a volunteer role, with our Class 3 pupils being extremely lucky to have his expertise and experience from his background in teaching helping to support their work in class several times a week. We hope to co-opt a replacement for Bob's position at the next full Governors' Meeting, and we should be in a position to announce a full governing body again at the end of March.

We are still looking for an additional Parent Governor to join our team. This vitally important and enjoyable role involves attending governors' meetings six times per academic year (one each half term), as well as visiting school once each term to meet a group of children and a staff member and monitor an area of the school.

Any parents who are interested are invited to contact either our Headteacher Miss Spence at, or Mrs. Bentley at The deadline for completion of the relevant forms is Friday 25th March 2022.

Finally, the last Friday of this first half term of 2022 saw us wave goodbye to our ever-helpful and friendly lunch lady Zoe from the Alliance in Partnership company, who every day provide our hot school dinners from Burley Gate School.

Zoe has been an invaluable support during what is undoubtedly the busiest time of the school day, helping Mrs. Ruddick, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Ponter and Mrs. Thompson to serve those many delicious hot lunches as well as jacket potatoes, sandwiches, puddings, fruit and yoghurts to our hungry lunchtime pupils, always carrying out her duties with a smile. 

Zoe was presented with a bouquet of flowers, card and an additional gift from the lovely pupils shown below, and we are really, really going to miss all of her help and support. Thank you Zoe, and good luck in your new role preparing and serving food for elderly residents. Who knows, maybe you'll still be there serving food to our pupils when they reach retirement age...?



Here are some final words from our Headteacher Miss Spence at the end of one of the most challenging half terms in recent memory at Bosbury. Fingers crossed that the second part of the Spring Term will herald the beginning of a sustained (and hopefully permanent!) return to near-normality as we cease using the separate Key Stage 1 and 2 'bubbles', and welcome back our ever-popular after school clubs and lovely parent readers.

Happy Half Term Bosbury families, and enjoy the well-deserved rest! 


Dear Parents and Carers,

I wish you all a very happy half term. I send out lots of thanks to staff, parents and children who have all coped amazingly with what proved to be one of the trickiest half terms I can remember since joining Bosbury in 2014. I am really glad education was able to continue for everyone, and a huge thank you for teachers who set home learning and taught in school.

I look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 28th February. It will be lovely to welcome parent readers back into school. The school library will be reopened. We plan to have a Grounds Day for parents and children.

The library space at the front of the school will continue to be used as a teaching space at 9am. If your child is late for school please drop them at the door rather than entering so that teaching is not hampered. Thank you.

Have a great week.

Miss Maggie Spence

Bosbury CE Primary School Headteacher