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Socially-Distanced Bosbury is Ready to Reopen!

It may not be the Bosbury School we all know and love, but nevertheless staff have worked hard to ensure that we are ready to welcome back a number of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils on Monday for the first time in ten weeks as per the government's request, albeit with the school looking rather different to its usual familiar close-knit appearance.





Each classroom as well as the hall has been transformed into its own little separate 'class bubble' each accommodating between four and five children, with two adults being present with each group at all times. Desks have been spaced two metres apart as per social distancing guidelines, with plenty of signage being displayed throughout the school reminding children and adults alike to maintain a safe distance from others and to wash their hands regularly.





Each pupil will have access to their own individual trays, stationery and other resources, and we hope that our younger children will feel a little more at home with the cuddly Blockbusters-esque mascots included on their tables, as well as plenty of their own individual sets of Duplo to keep them happy and occupied during downtime between working sessions. PPE and first aid supplies have also been made readily accessible in each bubble by diligent resident Bosbury first aid guru Miss Cooke!




Outside the school building, the front of the school has been clearly marked as to where pupils are to be dropped off and collected by parents (as expertly demonstrated by the confident young lady shown below!), with clear markings also being drawn on the Key Stage 2 playground showing where children should stand when lining in up to ensure that they are kept a safe distance apart.



We are also planning to make the most of our lovely school field which we are very fortunate to have use of during this difficult times, with the area being divided into sections by cones to keep each class
bubble safe in their own area.

Hopefully the gorgeous weather which we have been blessed with recently which has made these troubled times that bit more bearable is set to continue to allow us to take full advantage of the forest school and sporting activities which the next few weeks will offer, with the aim being to spend lots of time outside to make the setting as comfortable and familiar as possible for our pupils, as well as the benefit of the lower risk which an outdoor and more spaced out environment provides at this time.

School timings will be different for the forseeable future with staggered start and home times for each year group, with Reception children attending between 9:10am and 3:00pm, Year 1 starting at 9:00am and finishing at 2:45pm, and Year 6 beginning at the later time of 9:20am but finishing at the normal time (remember those days?) of 3:15pm. The school crossing patrol remains out of operation until further notice, and please note that school is now CLOSED on Fridays to allow a day of deep-cleaning to take place ready for the following week.

Please click HERE for a detailed letter from Miss Spence containing all information on the controlled reopening of Bosbury School. Please note that all details in the letter are subject to change as government strategies shift owing to the ever-changing situation surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, and Miss Spence and the governors will be conducting a full assessment of how well Bosbury's scheme is functioning during the first week of the school reopening.




Please also note that we now have the 19 children who will be attending between 1st June and 12th June, and therefore will be unable to accept any further children until the week beginning 15th June. Mrs. McManus is continuing to put all work provided by teachers for pupils who remain at home to work through at their own pace as usual under the CLOSURE tab along the blue bar at the top of the website home page. Again, there is no expectation for pupils to complete all of the work set, with the work which is completed in school being very similar to that which is being set for homeschooling.

While not ideal and certainly not the kind of classrooms we want to see, we hope that we can at least provide a safe and happy environment for the pupils who will be rejoining us over the coming weeks, and we look forward to the day when our school can finally look like THIS (<--) again - it's been a very long wait but it's getting nearer now hopefully!