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Red Team do the Treble at Sports Day!

We were absolutely delighted to be able to welcome back our beloved Bosbury School Sports Day to top off a superb Sports Week on Friday after it, along with many events of 2020 had to be sadly cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and even though this horrible virus was to unfortunately continue to cast its shadow over one of our favourite days of the school calendar with none of our lovely parents, grandparents, carers, uncles, aunties and other relatives being able to attend due to restrictions which still exist, Bosbury pupils still had an absolute ball as the Red Team did a Manchester United circa 1999 and won the treble!



For the third Bosbury School Sports Day in a row, the red ribbons of the trophy were to remain adorning it for what will hopefully be only another twelve months this time around as the Red Devils finished top even after the combined scores of our Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 mini-Sports Day events had been totalled by diligent new scorers Mr. Walker and Mr. Macfarlane, with the Red Team winning the Key Stage 2 event although with the Blue Team giving them a serious run for their money in the Key Stage 1 event as the overall score saw only a mere seven points separating them.




All of the familiar races returned, with the highlight of course being the ever-popular concluding 'water-carrying team relay' (™) races, where seeing the children's faces after realizing what they had let themselves in for in running with a bucket of chilly water above their heads never fails to produce lots of laughter!





Thank you to Mr. Thompson for overseeing what will sadly be his last ever Sports Day at Bosbury School (it just won't be the same without him and his John Anderson-style whistle on the starting line carefully checking for feet over the line and false starts), to Miss Cooke for placing children in their teams and awarding stickers at the finishing line, to Mr. Ponter for collating all of the participants into their individual races and for busily running around organizing the equipment for the day, to Miss Spence and Miss Christie for supporting the tricky task of deciding first, second and third places on the finishing line and to Mr. Walker and Mr. Macfarlane for taking over the scoring mantle from long-term Bosbury School scorer Mrs. Kaye.

Thank you also to Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Dark, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. McManus for being the staff captains for each team, to Mrs. Bolton for controlling the extremely excitable crowds of spectating children in the absence of parents, to Mr. Smith for providing his own unique musical playlist which even consisted of requests from pupils and staff alike (Ghostbusters and Monster Mash in the middle of the summer anyone...?), and to our sports coach Brandon who did a superb job in assisting with setting up and putting away equipment. We were very sorry that Mr. Owen Handy was unable to attend after all of the hard work he had put into training our young athletes and getting them ready for our first Sports Day in two years, but we know that he would have been absolutely delighted with how our wonderful pupils competed on the day. THANK YOU MR. HANDY!





We are again extremely sad and sorry that parents and other relatives could not join us for this special day, but we cannot wait for the hopeful return of our familiar audience for Sports Day 2022! We hope that the terrific video accessed via the Twitter link below produced by our fantastic ICT consultant Mark Sanderson provides some consolation in bringing the day to our families. Thank you Mark, and thank you also to Mrs. Swain for her busy photography work on the day - the slideshow gallery shown below will soon be filled with many more exciting photos from the day.





And, still on the subject of sporting achievements, we just couldn't end without saying a massive congratulations to our amazing Year 6 cricket team, who on Tuesday this week ventured out for the very first Bosbury out-of-school tournament played against teams from other schools since before the March 2020 first COVID-19 lockdown!



These eight excellent sports men and ladies absolutely smashed it to the loudest sound of leather on willow, winning both of their games with a hugely impressive 335 runs to 226 in the first game and 301 to 226 in the second. What an amazing performance - we are very proud of them. Thank you also to Mr. Thompson for accompanying our budding young cricketers and to all of the parents who kindly provided transport on the day.