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Our Man in the Moone Aerial Dance Extravaganza!

Bosbury School enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining and exciting week recently when our Year 5 and 6 children took part in a spectacular aerial dance on the school field with Rachel, Jess and Chaz from the fantastic EveryBODY Dance company, performing a very memorable routine based on the novel Our Man in the Moone.






Excitement and anticipation started on the morning of Sports Day when a festival-like metallic dome was erected at the top of the school field with the help of a handy large piece of machinery, with Mrs. McManus and our student teachers Miss Holland and Mr. Macfarlane also being seen to lend a hand as the children were left in awe over just what this new unusual structure was for. Somewhat disappointingly for them but equally as much of a relief for Bosbury's first aiders, it wasn't a new climbing frame!





The weekend then saw Ben Haggarty visit Bosbury to give residents and pupils a fantastic retelling of Our Man in the Moone, penned in 1638 by the Bishop of Hereford Francis Godwin and regarded by some to be one of the first works of science fiction outside Bosbury Parish Church, with one of our lucky pupils also being given a starring role alongside the master storyteller!




A brilliant week of rehearsals then took place, with our Year 6 pupils really impressing with their lofty acrobatic moves on the rigging as our keen Year 5 performers choreographed a superb piece for towards the end of the performance when central character Gonsales faces a group of Chinese missionaries after being mistakenly arrested for being a magician following his adventures on the moon.








Not to be outdone of course, our Year 3 and 4 pupils leapt at the chance to get involved in some superb workshops with the EveryBODY Dance ladies during the week as well, embracing the liberating feeling of swinging freely from the rigging as many inspiring aerial moves, and even a few impressive spins and brave handstands were performed by our younger Key Stage 2 children too!





Once the children had gone home on Wednesday evening however, it then time for the adults to come out to play as Bosbury's intrepid staff team wasted no time in getting to grips with the latest craze to sweep the school. There was some impressive choreography between the Headteacher and Deputy Head, some further upside-down showboating, and even an appearance from some of our cleaning staff, keen to temporarily down tools for a while during their usual after-school duties and let their hair down quite literally! 





The professionals took over again the following day however as Rachel, Jess, Chaz, our Year 5 and 6 superstars, and even Mrs. McManus in a surprise cameo role as the man who was sadly killed in a duel with Gonsales at the start of the story took to the stage in front of the entire school, with our Key Stage 1 children being captivated by the graceful dance moves from pupils and adults alike.

The majestic Lunar people whom Gonsales met on the moon, specially created for this performance by the fair creative hands of our pupils themselves also enchanted our youngest pupils, with Bishop Godwin himself even joining us to narrate his own story, albeit it slightly younger form!





Two superb videos of the main event, filmed by our brilliant ICT consultant Mark Sanderson and the EveryBODY Dance team themselves, together with a selection of photos from across a very exciting week can be found in the slideshow gallery below.

A HUGE thank you to Rachel, Jess and Chaz for working so thoughtfully with all of our Key Stage 2 pupils (and the Bosbury adults!) throughout the week - we were especially pleased and proud with their lovely feedback, saying that Bosbury was the happiest school they had ever worked in, which is testament to the exemplary behaviour of our terrific children who once again excelled themselves - we certainly have some budding Billy Elliots in the making!

A massive thank you also to Mrs. McManus for all of her hard work in organizing such a superb and unique event for our school, even under the shadow of COVID-19 restrictions which continue to affect the opportunities we can offer our pupils.

We were all extremely impressed with her star turn during the performance as well - could there be a possible side career in the making here...?