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Lots of Big Bosbury Goodbyes!

It was with heavy hearts and teary faces on Thursday that we had to say some very fond and very big Bosbury goodbyes to a number of hugely respected and well-loved members of our close-knit school community.





Firstly, we are very sad to be saying a fond farewell to the very familiar face of Mrs. Fitzpatrick, who has been a mainstay of Key Stage 1 classes and lunchtimes at Bosbury for over sixteen years, also always being present on the playground gate with a smile in the mornings to greet Key Stage 1 children and their parents at the start of the day.

Only Mrs. Kaye, Mrs. Cooke, Mrs. Wilkes, Miss Cooke and Mr. Ponter can currently boast joining Mrs. Fitzpatrick in terms of current members of staff who have been at Bosbury for over a decade, and Mrs. Fitzpatrick has put in such a huge amount of hard work at our school over the years with her reading and phonics expertise. Her storybook clubs in particular have been a firm favourite amongst pupils.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick has been diligently beavering away at college in recent terms to gain the GCSEs she needs to further her profession, and we are delighted that she is moving on to pursue her teaching career further. Excitingly, she might even gain a work experience position at none other than Bosbury School in the near future!



Next we are saying a big goodbye to another long-serving member of staff, the irreplaceable Mrs. 'Lady' Lane. Mrs. Lane has worked in a few different classes during her eight years at Bosbury, although most recently has had a firm focus in Class 5 where many of our older pupils have hugely benefitted from her care, pastoral support, calming influence as well as her expertise in grammar and running her hugely successful morning maths booster sessions for Year 6 pupils.

Her shall we say 'unique' working relationship with Mr. Thompson over the last few years, never being afraid to respond to his good-natured banter and always being keen to correct his grammatical errors on the board in return has really endeared her to the pupils, with Mr. Thompson also being heard to state in his parting speech in assembly towards the end of the term that Mrs. Lane has been (quote) "The best TA I have ever worked with." You can't get much higher praise than that!

We wish Mrs. Lane all the very best in her 'new life' relaxing in her lovely villa on the continent.



Also leaving us at the end of this term is the lovely Miss Fisher, who, like Mrs. Fitzpatrick has been busy over recent months completing the qualifications she needs to become a fully-fledged teacher. We are delighted that Miss Fisher chose our school to gain the expertise she needs to further her career, and so many of our youngest pupils in Reception have benefitted from her hard work, care and organization in her close working relationship with Mrs. Thompson over the last few years. Miss Fisher's netball club has also proved a huge hit with the older children who have also found her coaching invaluable at a number of sports tournaments played in recent years.

Like Mrs. Fitzpatrick as well, we are very excited that Miss Fisher's teacher training may well involve another visit to our lovely school in the very near future!



Finally, at least from a staffing point of view, we say a huge adios to Mrs. 'Señora' Symonds whose many exciting and varied Spanish lessons have had Bosbury children enthralled over the last few years, not least the two annual Spanish cafés which have seen pupils serving authentic Spanish food to each other while listening to charming performances from other classes - and who could forget the amazing huge Spanish flag formed by pupils on the field at the end of the last café event?

Having become experts in Spanish, Bosbury children will be trying their hand at French with Mrs. Dark next year, although we are extremely pleased that both of Mrs. Symonds' children will be joining us at Bosbury from September.


But wait, how could we forget about our nineteen fantastic Year 6 pupils who are moving on to pastures new at the end of this year...?



In a very emotional final Leavers' Assembly featuring a huge montage of photos charting their primary school adventure from Reception seven years ago right up until the water fight they are all participated in just a day beforehand, pupils gave us their own special memories of Bosbury School as we were also treated to a number of instrumental pieces as well as two special performances from this year's spectacular Key Stage 2 production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits.

Each pupil was then called up in turn to be given a tear-jerking appraisal by one of the teachers as they were treated to the obligatory not-at-all-embarrasing 'then and now' photos up on the board screen behind them, before being presented with a framed picture of the above leavers' photo taken by the lovely Mrs. Swain for them to treasure.

Following the Leavers' Café in Class 5 and the traditional shirt signing, it was then time to finally close the curtain on their Bosbury School career as they looked forward to a well-deserved summer holiday before starting their next exciting chapters in September.



Before they left us however, they presented the school with this beautiful, very chunky and durable and extremely comfortable new bench adorned with each and everyone of their signatures so that we will never forget them! 

Thank you to all of our Year 6 pupils and their parents for this lovely gift, and goodbye and good luck to all of you - you are an extremely diverse group of endearing, talented and friendly young people who are going to have a lot of success in the future and we are really going to miss you.


And finally finally, we also wave goodbye to this young man from Class 3 who will be moving to a new school over the holidays. We are really going to miss his cheeky sense of humour as well as his endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm for everything he does.

We hope you treasure this lovely card from all of your friends in Class 3.








"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss