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Home Learning and the Return of the Closure Tab!

A HUGE well done to all of our amazing pupils, parents and carers on being so quick to re-embrace remote learning and homeschooling on the announcement of a third national UK lockdown immediately into the first school term of 2021.

It's something we crossed our fingers very tightly and hoped that we would never have to use again on a whole-school scale, but unfortunately, rising COVID-19 rates over the Christmas holidays and into the New Year meant that across the country, schools were forced to close again only to the children of key workers, with online learning once again becoming the norm.

We hope that you are all now well-acquainted with the magic of the Seesaw app and have been able to receive daily work from teachers, post completed work back to them and receive feedback. 

Although this will now be our primary method of facilitating remote and home learning along with the daily Zoom meetings with teachers, don't forget that we have also brought back the 'CLOSURE' tab along the blue bar on our website's home page; underneath it you will find a range of pages containing all sorts of extra ongoing activities for children to complete at home such as reading ideas, resources and websites, all spelling sheets for this half term, times table practice sheets, the entire grammar hammer range and of course, the 99 club which has proven to be a big hit with our competitive young mathematicians - now with answer sheets included!



We hope that these extra resources, coupled with all of the daily work and feedback on Seesaw and daily teacher Zoom meetings will give our pupils, parents and carers everything they need to facilitate home learning and hopefully make the process as smooth, understandable and stress-free as possible. These systems will be in place until at least half term (week beginning 15th February) - let's all hope that by then we are either in or getting close to a position whereby schools can reopen again as normal.

Here are messages in both video and written form from our Headteacher Miss Spence as we regrettably once again have to make the shift back to online remote learning:


Dear Parents and Carers

This week, the whole school rapidly moved to a new way of learning. I have been really impressed with the adaptability of the whole school community. After three days of remote learning and two days of key worker school learning, Bosbury School is now up and running again for the Spring Term.

I am hugely grateful to all parents for the support and help adapting work on Seesaw to suit their child. I have been thoroughly impressed with the participation in online learning, and I would like to congratulate all the parents and children for playing their part in both this next journey at Bosbury School and each child’s individual education.

School learning began for the key worker children on Thursday. A huge thank you to our teaching assistants who are now working in school remotely from the teachers, using teacher planning to adapt the learning for children of our key workers. It has been freezing in school with all the windows and doors open, but both the children and staff have shown a huge amount of resilience!

Who knows how long this phase is going to last until we can all be back together again. The good news is we are still one big school with our school values at the heart of everything we do.

I do not underestimate the pressure that the majority of parents and carers are under. It is important that we all take care of ourselves, and remember we always have each other and are all in the same boat. I hope you managed to watch my Tweet. Please don’t let the online learning overwhelm you or your child - simply dip in and out as time and family routines allow.

This is a short period of time in the life of your child. The children at Bosbury will succeed given their positive attitudes, great social skills and resilience to being adaptable.

Whilst we are remote learning we will be setting a Reading, Maths, English and Topic activity each day. In addition, on the school closure website page, you will find all the Grammar Hammer, spelling and 99 club sheets.

I am here if you need me, and rest assured so are our dedicated teachers and teaching assistants.

Miss M Spence

Bosbury Primary School Headteacher




Don't forget that until after half term at the earliest, Bosbury School is only open to those children of key worker parents who have been attending school since Thursday 7th January.

If you are still experiencing problems or need further help or assistance with the online learning, please do not hesitate to email either your child's teacher or Miss Spence at