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Great Bosbury Pond Project Winners Revealed!

We were absolutely staggered by the remarkable response to The Great Bosbury Pond Project competition held on the Wednesday just before half term.




We needed Bosbury children's help in order to design our new school pond after the coronavirus pandemic has sadly forced the project to be put on hold over the last few months after it was dug out last summer, with the lining and a special commemorative plaque being very kindly being donated by last year's Year 6 Leavers group, and, as expected, our wonderful pupils jumped at the chance to put their creative and artistic talents to good use both at home and in school.





After a morning Zoom meeting with Miss Spence and local Malvern Hills conservationist David, our diligent pupils got to work on researching all of the necessary information needed to make the Bosbury pond a success and a haven for local wildlife, including how the pond should be lined, how it was to be filled with water and the type of water to be used, the different types of plants to include to ensure that the water was kept oxygenated for wildlife, the types of wildlife which children wanted to attract to the pond, how the pond was to be cared for and maintained with a possible class rota, additional features such as a wooden jetty, benches and a surrounding path made of wood chippings, and of course the all-important health and safety aspects such as netting and perimeter fencing - after all, being positioned on the outside of the cricket pitch on the school field, we didn't want any poor local cricketers falling in while rushing to retrieve sixes if local sport resumes this summer!








The entries then began to roll in on Seesaw during the day, with staff being so impressed with the wide range of mediums used to produce the designs, ranging from detailed felt tip and pencil crayon plans, collages, plasticine creations, models using household objects, Lego and Playmobile structures, and even some digital plans using ICT paint programmes and Minecraft levels!










After sifting through ALL of the brilliant entries posted on the individual class Seesaw accounts, teachers were given the unenviable job of choosing a winning design from their class, with Miss Spence and David then having the even more unenviable task of selecting an overall winner.

So without further ado (drum roll please...!), we proudly present the winning entries from each class!



David was particularly impressed with the artistic merit of this design, even saying that it reminded him of the style of Claude Monet! Wow, a young Impressionist painter in our midst! Well done Billy!






Miss Spence, Mr. Thompson and David were very impressed with the detailed drawings of pond wildlife in this superbly-detailed and super-sized plan! Well done to this superb brother and sister entry!







Again Miss Spence, Mrs. Dark and David were very impressed with the terrific detail shown in these entries two entries, so much so that they simply could not pick a winner between them, meaning that these two superb designs were the joint winners in this class.






This beautifully-presented plan really impressed Miss Spence, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Turnbull and David with its schematics. Well done Lottie, brilliant effort!






Miss Spence, Mrs. McManus and David were extremely impressed with this great alternative design which Rosa even took the time to re-do at home as she wasn't fully satisfied with her first couple of drafts! That's real dedication! Even the quality of her research notes was very impressive! An amazing all-round effort Rosa - well done!




And the overall winners? Well it was incredibly close between the above six amazing entries, but in the end, the judges had to give the accolade to both of the stunning designs of Class 3!



Congratulations to our winners, a big well done to all of our finalists, and a huge thank you to everyone who contributed such superb ideas for the competition - it really captured everyone's artistic flair and imagination, to the extent that one of our lovely parents even had a go at submitting her own design! Well done to this talented mum - we are sure that Alan Titchmarsh would be proud!



Below are just a few more of the wonderful designs and entries we received from our super pupils, again using an amazingly varied array of different media. Don't forget that pictures of every entry be it from home or in school, as well as some further behind-the-scenes background research, are now available to view under the new Gallery section of the school website.

Stay tuned for further progress and news on The Great Bosbury Pond Project!