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Goodbye to our Wonderful Lockdown Leavers!

It was with very heavy hearts on Wednesday that we had to say a fond farewell to a very brave, caring and friendly group of Year 6 superstars - an amazing group of children who will no doubt be known in the years to come as 'The Lockdown Leavers'.



These 23 smiley faces have faced the disappointment of being denied many precious memories which Year 6 children usually get to enjoy during their last few months at primary school such as the Key Stage 2 production, final residential trips, summer fairs, sports days, several summer sports competitions, the leavers' assembly and tea party and the SATs (okay, probably not the SATs!) with such positive, grown-up and admirable attitudes, and we are sure that this extraordinary maturity and resilience is going to serve them extremely well when they come to start their secondary school journeys in September.



We were lucky however to be able to welcome back seventeen of them during the final few weeks of the summer term to be able to hold the traditional Year 6 leavers' water fight complete with a delicious barbecue prepared by Chef Thompson, as well as making the most of the (largely) glorious weather with trips to the infamous 'Bosbury Beach' for a spot of swimming, tasty sausages and bacon cooked up at forest school by Chef Walker, many great games of cricket and rounders with Mr. Ponter, and some amazing rocket launches from Cape Bosbury with the help of the Bolton family.

Of course, we also found the time to revise all of those spellings, times tables, fractions, decimals and percentages problems, grammar hammer work and even some very tricky algebra to prepare them for what they will be facing in Year 7 - we KNEW after all how gutted they all were to have missed out on their SATs tests due to the pandemic!






We were then absolutely thrilled to be able to welcome the whole of Class 5 back during the last week of the school year for an outdoor disco (even if they did have to put up with some over-zealous dancing from Bosbury's excitable adults), as well as a competitive multi-sports activity which saw some truly tremendous netball and javelin throwing! We are extremely jealous of the fact that our local secondary schools will be receiving some extremely talented Bosbury sporting superstars who sadly were not given the chance to truly display their skills in Year 6 sports competitions due to Covid-19 calling time on inter-school sports tournaments.



Although we were unable to hold a traditional Year 6 leavers assembly and tea party for their lovely families, some of whom were also waving goodbye to Bosbury after more than a decade of having siblings attend our school as well, Mr. Thompson was still able to give his trademark speeches to each child before they were presented with a mysterious brown envelope by Mr. Ponter. What was in it? A lovely leavers memories book for them to treasure (all of the memories personally written by the children themselves for the book can also be found HERE), as well as a very special DVD containing just over 2,700 photos of their time at Bosbury over the last seven years - plenty to keep them occupied if they happen to get bored over the next six weeks!

Thank you also to our Year 6 leaver families who gave us a very useful gift in return in the shape of lining for our brand new pond project which the lovely plaque below will sit alongside when it is completed to commemorate, and a special thank you also to Mrs. Bailey who has given many years of help and support to our school through being a lunchtime supervisor, FOBS joint chairperson and creating many fabulous textile displays for our school such as the rainbow covering for our assembly altar and values buntings. She has left us with this very special reading mascot to commemorate over ten years of her children attending Bosbury.




A MASSIVE well done once again to these very special young people who have faced such an unique and difficult set of circumstances with astounding courage and resolve, and we wish them all the best for their next chapters after they have already demonstrated that they are more than capable of taking on the challenges of adolescence and beyond. Goodbye and good luck to the Year 6 Leavers of this most unusual year - we will really miss you. Please remember to keep in touch and pay us a visit - we would love to hear how you are getting on in your new larger ponds!











"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

- Dr. Seuss