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Class 4 and 5 Become Poets for the Day!

Class 4 and 5 had an absolutely brilliant time at Hellens in Much Marcle just before Easter as they took part in the Poetry Outloud festival organized by Ledbury Poetry Festival, featuring special poetry workshops with renowned children's poets Rob Gee, Val Bloom and the familiar friendly face of Matt Black who visited school last month to share his work with us.




The day started with some terrific individual performances from each of the in-house poets, which provided just the right kind of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing and the poetry pens twitching as the children demonstrated some superb listening, even joining in with Val's very talented traditional dancing!





It was then time for each year group to go off with their respective poets, with Val's group starting off with a creative warm-up as she then taught the children about the background behind the Old Norse form of poetry known as a kenning. 




What is a kenning I hear you ask? It's where you describe an object using just a noun and a verb. Can you guess what Val is describing on the board below?*




The children then had a go at composing their own kennings, finding it surprisingly tricky to describe different objects using only the two-word noun-verb rule!





In the end however, the children were confident enough to perform their kennings in front of the rest of the group as objects being described ranged from ghosts to (bizarrely) Donald Trump!




It was then off to see Rob, whose nonsense games and poems had the children in stitches as they began to write their own What if...? poems. The great thing about these poems is that they didn't have to make logical sense at all - in actual fact the more random and inevitably hilarious they were, the better!







Once again, the groups really enjoyed reading their poems out to each other. What if a gremlin lived in my fridge? What if school didn't exist? What if it was Christmas every day? What if we never grew old and grey? What if I played hide and seek with my goldfish? What if we could all make a wish?




After a quick spot of lunch and a brief bout of exploring outside in the gorgeous spring sunshine in the lovely grounds of Hellens...




... it was then time to meet Matt inside one of the oldest dwellings in England as the pupils made themselves comfy inside the 12th century manor house - cue all of the ghost stories and concerns that the house was haunted!






There was no time to worry about any Scooby Doo-esque goings-on however, as Matt explained the third and final task which was to compose a piece of romantic poetry... towards a piece of fruit!





Resisting the temptation (mostly) to devour their juicy pieces of inspiration as they noted the different textures and shapes of their fruits, the children then set about composing some very touching pieces before moving on to again perform what they had written with great confidence. We had some very moving poetry about giving our kiwis a cuddle and even marrying our strawberries!





Finally, it was back to the main building to listen to all of the superb pieces of writing which other groups had produced. All of Year 6 produced a special piece of their own inspired by Val, while a certain young lady from Year 5 just couldn't resist sharing her piece of not-exactly-flattering nonsense poetry about her younger brother in Class 4. As you can see from the pictures below, he wasn't exactly best pleased by his sister's description of him even if the girls found it very funny!






Everyone was then treated to one last very special poem as our very talented Deputy Headteacher Mrs. McManus performed a piece of her very own which she had written during the day, and after one last short chilling spooky story from Matt with the lights off just to further guarantee everyone present a sleepless night, it was time to board the bus home with imaginations and creative prowess having been well and truly inspired and fired up!




A huge thank you to Ledbury Poetry Festival and of course to the amazing trio of Matt, Val and Rob for really engaging and inspiring the children during the day, and to Mrs. McManus, Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Lane and Mr. Ponter for accompanying the pupils on the trip.

We LOVE poetry at Bosbury!