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Bosbury's Got Talent 2024 - The Live Final!

It was a star-studded end to an extremely busy first summer half term at Bosbury, as a keen school audience eagerly took their seats in a hall which had been transformed into an ITV studio for the afternoon as eleven fantastic acts battled it out to be crowned Bosbury's Got Talent 2024 champion!




Things kicked off sadly without Ant and Dec and Simon Cowell due to the fact that poor weather had prevented them from landing their private helicopters on the school field, but with Mrs. McManus as host, Mr. Ponter on backstage duties and a whole host of Bosbury judges such as Mr. 'Bruno' Duffet, Miss 'Alesha' Cooke and Mrs. 'Amanda' Christopherson ready with critical eyes and clipboards, our first acts from Key Stage 1 took to the stage!




A more unusual yet highly impressive opening spectacle saw the audience view a terrific video of a very flexible young man from Year 1 showcasing his superb gymnastics skills on the balance beam, before there wasn't a dry eye in the house even this early on when two delightful young ladies from the same year treated us to an incredibly moving rendition of A Million Dreams from of course a Bosbury favourite musical, The Greatest Showman.

This was followed by further talent from our youngest children as a pair of graceful girls from Class 2 performed a well-rehearsed and beautifully synchronised rhythmic gymnastics routine to Andra Day's inspiring song Rise Up, before the wonderful music continued as a very brave young lady from Year 2 gave us a lovely solo performance of This Wish by Ariana DeBose.




It was then time for Key Stage 2's turn to shine as a marvellous drumming solo from an extremely talented young man from Class 3 was followed by a Bosbury's Got Talent regular, having performed a magic act in the 2022 competition and going for glory again this year with a brilliant rendition of Beautiful Things by Benson Boone.


A truly hilarious jokes routine then followed courtesy of a future Tommy Cooper from Class 4, before another fantastic video featuring gymnastics was shown on the big screen, performed by a talented young lady from Year 4 who was sadly poorly during filming of the live final.



The big screen was brought into play yet again for the next act, in which a daring young man and the next possible Evel Knievel showcased a phenomenal display of motocross skills, including some incredible jumps and formidable resilience shown in recovering from a nasty-looking fall!



It was then time for our oldest pupils to have their time in the spotlight, beginning with two true veterans of the contest who, after entertaining and delighting us with hilarious comedy dance routines over the last few years to win both an audience award in 2019 and even the coveted third place in 2022, went out with a bang in their final BGT bid for stardom with a side-splitting performance of Barbie Girl by Aqua. Barbie and Ken have never looked better!






She finished second last year with a pitch-perfect rendition of Where is Love from the hit musical Oliver!, and this extraordinarily talented young lady from Year 6 was back to close both this year's acts and her swan song BGT performance with this stunning piece of music written and composed by none other than herself! Truly remarkable!



A lengthy commercial break (well, an extended playtime) followed as our judges were given the unenviable task of choosing this year's winners - we haven't seen heated arguments and fights like this amongst the staff at Bosbury since the last time there was only one chocolate bourbon left in the staff room - but in the end, there could only be winner.

Well, or so we thought! With Mrs. 'McPartlin' McManus returning to the stage once more (although without the Geordie accent) as the tense music kicked in, our eleven sets of finalists were assembled at the front to be grouped in dramatic X-Factor fashion to reveal who had made it into the top three.



The audience as well as the millions of viewers watching at home were then shocked to learn that, for the first time in Bosbury's Got Talent's eight-year history, the judges were left with no choice but to crown not one, not two, but THREE overall winners, as one act from Key Stage 1 and one from Key Stage 2 would share the crown!

Following a rapturous round of applause to fully congratulate all of the acts who hadn't quite made the top placings but deserved a huge amount of recognition regardless for all their courage and effort, the lights dimmed further and the backing score grew even more intense as third, second and first place were read out one by one.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you this year's Bosbury's Got Talent winners! The THREE gold placings went to the trio of exceptionally talented young ladies who producing a quality of singing so remarkable and beautiful that it reduced the judging panel to tears, while second place went to Bosbury's very own Stewart Copeland for his phenomenal drumming solo.

The bronze certificate was awarded to the king of extreme sports in Class 4 for his incredible video montage of motocross skills.

Each of our victorious contestants then stepped uo to receive their treasured certificates from the host, as tumultuous cheers, screams and woops from the delighted audience echoed around the studio.




Well done to everyone who made it through to the final eleven of the contest for showing incredible courage and talent, as well as all those who bravely auditioned in class. You are ALL stars in our eyes, and we hope that many of you will make a grand return for Bosbury's Got Talent 2025!

Goodness me, how ARE we going to top this in twelve months' time? See you all next year!