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Bosbury Rises to the Challenge of Remote Learning once more!

We have been absolutely thrilled at Bosbury School on how brilliantly all of our fantastic pupils, parents and carers have risen to the challenge of once again having to facilitate remote learning at home over the last fortnight following the announcement of a third national lockdown caused by the ongoing spread of the horrible COVID-19 illness.

After having all of our pupils back for a lovely if somewhat quieter and more subdued Autumn Term to end a dreadful 2020, none of us wished to start the new year with such unwanted and disappointing news from the Prime Minister, but in order to keep our communities as safe as possible from a virus which has already caused so much disruption and heartache, online schemes of work and Zoom meetings have regrettably become the norm once more for at least the forseeable future.

Bosbury teachers have been diligently working at home in order to place all of the planned work for the Spring Term 2021 on the now-invaluable Seesaw app for pupils to access and work through at home, as well as busily responding to all of the great work submitted by pupils from their bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens and hosting daily Zoom meetings and online lessons with the children.






We have also been delighted to see that all of our busy young bookworms have been keeping up with their reading while at home, with the 99 club once again proving a big hit as pupils continue to practise those all-important times tables. Parents don't forget that if you ever feel things are getting a little too much over the coming weeks (let's not jinx it and say months!) and feel that prioritization is the best strategy, always place the emphasis on reading, phonics and times tables - they are the holy trinity of learning and so crucial to making school work accessible!





We have also been very impressed with the continuing creative talents of our clever and resourceful pupils, from instrument playing, a spot of cookery in the kitchen, textile work and mask-making!






It's also been lovely to see children remembering to take a break from their learning and get that all-important outdoor time. Even though the shorter days and cold weather are making this lockdown more of a challenge than the first one back in the spring and summer, it's still a very good idea to wrap up and get that Vitamin D-producing time in wherever and whenever you can. Did you manage to have fun in the snow this weekend?






Let's not forget also our thirty super key-worker children in school who having a great time under the supervision of our wonderful teaching assistants, keeping up with all of the work which their peers are being set at home as well as producing some creative artwork, going on nature hunts, taking part in interesting science experiments and keeping fit and active with their daily afternoon sports sessions with Mr. Handy! 





We have also been very lucky to have daily yoga sessions delivered to us on Zoom by the very flexible (in more than one sense of the word!) Ms. Beatty, with Class 3 and 4 also not missing out on their planned visit in school from Matt Black this half term by instead experiencing some fantastic Zoom sessions with one of our favourite poets and writing their own lovely poems about their dogs. Don't forget that Matt's own fundraising book about man's best friend is now available to buy online from his website for some lovely further lockdown reading.




It's tough, we know how challenging our school community can find the process of remote learning and home schooling, and sadly at present the Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson has been unable to provide a clear answer as to when schools can reopen and we can see all of our lovely pupils again, but rest assured that all staff at Bosbury School are 100% committed to helping to support and help our pupils and their parents and carers during these difficult times. Please, please get in touch with us at or, or phone the school on (01531) 640276 if you are struggling or need any further help or support. Pupils don't forget that your teachers can always be contacted on Seesaw if you are having problems with any of the work set.

Here is the latest update and a video from our Headteacher Miss Spence, as well as an important message from our Safeguarding Governor Mr. Robin Balmain. Keep smiling everyone and keep going - dark clouds are never around forever!


Dear Parents and Carers,

I wanted to share with you a message that was sent to Headteachers from Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education this week. I am sorry it is not better news.

I have heard speculation about when schools will return to a more normal form, and have been asked the question by parents and carers on a number of occasions. The truth is, we do not know for sure. Today, school leaders across the country received a letter from Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education which outlines the government’s intentions to return to face to face education as soon as possible. I’ve shared an extract below to keep you as informed as possible:

‘I know there are significant challenges in the coming weeks for school and college leaders. We know that receiving face to face education is best both for children’s and young people’s mental health and their educational achievement.

It is therefore my sincere hope that with the efforts we are all making to contain the virus, children and young people across England will be back in the classroom, spending time with their friends and teachers, and getting back into the rhythms of the school or college year again soon. We are keeping plans for the return to school and college under continuous review, and will ensure that children and young people return to face to face education as soon as it is possible.

We will inform schools, colleges and parents ahead of the February half term. I will continue to work with you as we deal with this evolving and challenging situation, as well as with my health colleagues, the Chief and Deputy Chief Medical Officers.'

- Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education

I am so grateful to all of our parents who are supporting their children at home. We currently have 100% interaction with parents, and I am very happy and clear that we know what all families are doing and who is unable to work on any particular day. We have been phoning a number of parents to check if any help is needed. Please do not feel upset by this - our aim is to be as diligent and supportive as possible, and this may mean we call even when you feel we may not need to.

A couple of things I haven’t mentioned yet but have come up over the last week or so during remote learning. Firstly, please do not take photos when we are on Zoom. We are concerned by posts being made on social media as, when attending Zoom meetings, all names of either children or their parents names are present on the screen. Please also remember that parents are of course welcome and encouraged to supervise their children when using Zoom, but your child must primarily be present and it is not a forum for parents to raise problems or queries - these should be communicated to the school in the usual manner via email or a phone call.

I have also not mentioned that there will be no SATs examinations for either Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 children this year. All assessment will be done through individual teacher assessments.

Thank you also to all those who let their children log on to Zoom to meet with me on Friday.

Have a good weekend

Miss Maggie Spence
Bosbury Primary School Headteacher




Dear Parents and Carers,

Keeping our children safe while learning (whether at school or at home) is the single most important thing that we do. Everyone is involved, be they teachers, parents, governors, volunteers, or any number of people who have input into the working of the school.

We have a number of strategies and practices to fulfil our duties which include historic checks, regular training, auditing our procedures, engagement with pupils and families, and governor inspections. We can be proud of our record which is helped considerably by the dedication and resilience of staff, parents and children for which the Governors offer our sincere thanks.

We are determined not to rest on our laurels nor be complacent. The pandemic has heightened a particular concern, namely the effects on mental health of the huge changes imposed on us all, and anyone can be susceptible. We are all doing our work in a way we could not have imagined twelve months ago, and it is now parents as well as teachers and teaching assistants who are helping to shoulder the education of our children.

Please be aware that the effects of prolonged stress, especially on children can creep up gradually and may be difficult to identify. A realisation that there is a problem is the first step towards getting help. All of us at school are aware of this potential problem, and parents can help us to address it by drawing concerns to our attention.

Please keep safe, and remember - the end is in sight.

Best wishes

Mr. Robin Balmain

Bosbury Primary School Safeguarding Governor