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Bosbury Pupils Shine Outside of School!

Here at Bosbury, we are always keen to hear what our fantastic pupils have been up to outside of school hours, and recently we have been delighted to read all about a whole host of fabulous successes and achievements outside of the classroom!

We start with the lovely young man from Class 1 below, who has every reason to look very pleased after earning Swim England Alpha Step 1 swimming certificate, while the young man from Class 4 next to him has also been extremely busy in the pool, taking part in his first ever swimming gala with his cub pack.

Although currently at a lower swimming level than the other competitors, he still worked really hard and helped his team to win joint first place! He had hoped to do front crawl for his solo race, but chose to swim breaststroke instead after letting a fellow cub who was feeling a bit apprehensive swim front crawl.

Even though he is less confident at breaststroke, and it turned out that the race he had substituted himself for had no other competitors from other teams, this Bosbury superstar showed tremendous courage, choosing to swim alone in front of all the other cub packs and spectators!

A well-deserved rousing round of applause and a special cub badge was his reward! What a brilliant courageous advocate!



Next up we have this extremely excited-looking brotherly duo from Class 3 and Class 1, who were lucky enough to meet Worcestershire cricket player Jake Libby.

The sporting star chatted to and answered lots of questions from the boys, even being so kind as to pose for this photo! The elder of these two Bosbury siblings is, according to his mum, 'cricket mad', and described meeting Libby as 'the best day of his life'. He will be attending Lords this summer for the Ashes against Australia, where he will be presumably hoping for an England win!



It's off to Sherwood Forest next as we congratulate these two budding Robin Hoods from Class 4 and Class 5.

They were so on target with their arrows that they were awarded these special archery certificates! Well done boys!







It's time for the Winter Olympics next with this adventurous sisterly duo from Class 1 and Class 3, who spent their Easter Holidays developing their alpine skiing skills, while the talented young lady from Class 5 pictured next to them has also completed all levels of ice skating, even passing her bronze medal award being well on the way to earning her silver award! Wow! Watch out for her on 2033 series of Dancing on Ice!



This proud-looking young man from Class 4 below also took part in his first gymnastic competition recently, coming away as overall champion in his age group. We were also delighted to be made aware of this lovely post made on a local village page on Facebook, from a resident who was highly complimentary of a brilliant young man from Class 3 who, inspired by his class' own topic of looking after the environment and going on a litter pick around the village, took it upon himself to be an eco-warrior in his own time as well! Again, such amazing courageous advocacy being shown by Bosbury pupils!




Finally, it's not just Bosbury children who are fantastic courageous advocates! Kate Outterside, parent of Lola in Class 4 and Diggory over at neighbouring Jack-in-the-Box Nursery where she also works, is taking on the mammoth challenge of swimming the English Channel later this year in support of Aspire, a leading national charity which provides practical support to the 40,000 people in the UK who are living with paralysis due to having suffered spinal chord injuries.

There is currently sadly no cure for such conditions, but donations made to the charity gives them the financial support needed to help people with spinal chord injuries lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

If you would like to buy a raffle ticket and support Kate with this incredible challenge, aim your QR scanners on your phones at the code on the left.

Thank you for your support, and best wishes and good luck Kate from all of us at Bosbury!



Does YOUR child have a special achievement or unique event which you would like to share with us for the school newsletter and website? If so, please get in touch with a description of your child's special moment outside of school and if possible a photo at, or We LOVE hearing all about what our pupils have been excelling in outside of the school gates!