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Bosbury Bids Farewell to Mrs. Kaye After Thirty Years

Pupils, parents and staff at Bosbury School waved a fond farewell to our longest-serving member of staff and a pillar of the school community on the last day of the Autumn Term just before Christmas as Mrs. Barbara Kaye finally felt it was time to retire from the post of school secretary which she has held for over thirty years.

January 1988. The Cold War was nearly at an end, Margaret Thatcher was well into her third and final term of office, Mikhail Gorbachev was initiating perestroika, Belinda Carlisle and Tiffany topped the charts, Good Morning, Vietnam was the must-see film at the cinema, Mr. Ponter was (whisper it!) two, and Jessie J and Adele were yet to be born.

More significantly however, it was the month which Mrs. Kaye first sat in the secretary’s seat at Bosbury, going on to spend the next three decades as the heartbeat and nerve-centre of the school managing everything from school finances, processing pupil lunches and school trips, monitoring pupil attendances, keeping detailed records of pupil information, proofreading letters to parents and weekly school newsletters, managing staff records… even stepping in to act as Sports Day scorer and, in the words of a previous Deputy Head, 'Bosbury’s most glamorous lunchtime assistant'!

The diligence, reliability and great sense of humour of Mrs. Kaye will be greatly missed by the whole school community at Bosbury, so much so that many are already struggling to comprehend a school foyer without her familiar friendly face looking through the glass window!

Pupils, parents and staff wish 'Nanny Babs' a very happy and thoroughly well-deserved retirement after 31 years of service to spend more time having great adventures with her lovely family, although the school community are confident that they will continue to see her at future school performances and concerts with her four grandsons Ollie, Jack, Ned and Billy still attending school along with daughter Suzanne being a valued member of the Friends of Bosbury School (FOBS) PTA committee and hopefully continuing to deliver her excellent keyboard lessons at school as soon as we can start having peripatetic music teachers back in.


It's going to feel very strange indeed not seeing this sight while walking into school every morning - that telephone receiver is certainly going to miss the familiar ear of Mrs. Kaye!


Thank you Mrs. Kaye for everything – Bosbury will never be the same without you! 


Off she goes, riding off into the sunset...


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