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A Very Wet and Watery Week at Lockdown Bosbury!

Making the most of pretty much anything containing water was the order of the day during the fourth week of socially-distanced Bosbury School in the sweltering temperatures which exceeded thirty degrees by the end of the week, with visits to the infamous 'Bosbury Beach' being of course the most popular activity to cool off in this idyllic shaded setting along the River Leadon, although there were plenty of opportunities to keep cool in school as well






The Year 6 boys were the first to journey to the river as in true Bear Grylls fashion they wasted no time in diving right in even if they had rather underestimated the chilly temperature of these calm waters! Certain members of staff were rather braver than others in going for a paddle, and although the boys did their best to build a bridge for Mr. Ponter who was carrying all the first aid supplies and communication equipment, it didn't exactly turn out to be a Bridge Over the River Kwai as alternative methods had to be utilized in order to get from shore to shore while remaining relatively dry!




Our Year 1 explorers visited the local wilderness later in the week as they enjoyed this beautiful shaded setting in order to get temporarily relief from scorching temperatures which were now reaching southern France in the summer levels, with Mrs. Dark and Mrs. Swain's group even testing out some sturdy vessels which they had created in class. There are no landlubbers at Bosbury!





Our other Year 1 lovelies over with Mrs. McManus and Mrs. Christopherson had a magical time in class getting to swim with the beautiful Rainbow fish, as well as carrying out a floating and sinking activity for themselves with the playground equipment containers which had been filled to the brim with sparkling water before they ended the week with their visit to Bosbury's premier tourist attraction!






Not forgetting of course our four Reception superstars, Mrs. Thompson and Miss Christie's bubble have been busy this week in the Class 1 garden with some clay activities, collecting some valuable-looking treasure and cooling off with some delicious ice lollies as they listened to a story from one of Bosbury School's premier CBeebies bedtime story-readers!





We are hugely looking forward to welcoming back a number of children next week who we haven't seen in school since mid-March, and then the bubbles will continue to operate for another two weeks.


We teased it last week, but we are now thrilled to be able to announce that we are offering to welcome back all of our pupils for a very special two-hour outdoor disco and multi-skills event for each class during the final week of the school year!
We hope that the hour-long multi-skiils activity, very similar to the one which was held during Grounds Day last year, will go some way in making up for the loss of Sports Day this year (don't worry, Sports Day 2021 will be our best ever!), and we are incredibly excited to be able to offer this opportunity for all of our lovely pupils to see each other again before the summer holidays and everyone returning back to school in September.

Please see below for dates and times for each class' fun day, and could we also request that children bring a drink and a snack which they are able to open themselves, wear comfortable clothes and shoes with a sun hat and sun cream if the weather is as warm as it has been this week (remember that we cannot apply sun cream at school), and please ensure that children who require medical items such as inhalers or epi-pens bring them into school as well. 

Please also continue to park in the village and queue on the path up the school drive, remembering to maintain social distancing ready for staff to welcome your children in through the Key Stage 2 playground gate. Could we also ask that parents are as prompt as possible in collecting children at the end of their day. Thank you for your co-operation in helping to keep our school community safe, and we cannot wait to see as many of our lovely pupils as possible again after such a long wait!

Class 1 Fun Day - Monday 13th July (10:00am - 12 noon)

Class 2 Fun Day - Monday 13th July (1:00pm - 3:00pm)

Class 3 Fun Day - Tuesday 14th July (10:00am - 12 noon)

Class 4 Fun Day - Tuesday 14th July (1:00pm - 3:00pm)

Class 5 Fun Day - Wednesday 15th July (10:00am - 12 noon)