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At Bosbury we want all children to be proficient swimmers by the time they transition to secondary school.

The Government expect as a minimum that children will swim for 25 hours throughout their primary schooling. At Bosbury children start swimming when they reach Year 1, and will swim for ten hour long sessions each year group until the end of Year 5, adding up to fifty hours in total.

Children only continue to swim in Year 6 if they have not yet achieved their GREEN BADGE (see criteria below). Class 4 swim in the autumn term, Class 3 in the spring and Class 2 in the summer for their ten sessions. All swimming lessons take place on a Friday afternoon straight after lunchtime when we take the children via coach to the lovely new Halo swimming pool in Ledbury which underwent a £2 million refurbishment between 2016 and 2017.



It is essential therefore that your child has their swimming kit with them in school along with any relevant medication or inhalers if it is their turn to swim! Goggles, swimming hats and other relevant accessories are not compulsory but of course may be worn if your child feels more comfortable wearing them.

Pupils are grouped accordingly dependent on their ability. Those who are yet to earn their WATER CONFIDENCE certificate or BLACK BADGES are generally taught by a Halo swimming instructor in the shallow end, children working towards RED, GREEN and YELLOW badges are taught by Mr. Ponter in the middle group which is positioned slightly further up from the shallow end although before the point which is considered safe for non-swimmers, while pupils going for the more advanced BLUE badge, PRELIMINARY WATER SAFETY award and PERSONAL SURVIVAL LEVEL ONE and TWO awards are usually taught by the class teacher.

Teaching assistants may also assist as needed and we always welcome the additional help of any parents who don't mind getting wet and supporting the children in the water usually in the shallow end and sometimes in the middle group. Please see Miss Spence or the class teacher if you are interested.


Our swimming stages are arranged into the following nine awards in the order in which a child attains them:











By the time a child reaches the end of Year 5, it is our aim that they have achieved at least the national GREEN BADGE standard ie. swimming 25 metres (one length) of the pool using their preferred stroke out of front crawl and backstroke without their feet touching the floor, swimming one width of the pool using the stroke not attempted for the length again with feet off the floor, pushing and holding a glide for five seconds on the surface of the water on both front and back, and treading water for at least 15 seconds.

A child will have the opportunity to join the Year 5 group when it is their turn to swim if they have still not achieved their GREEN BADGE by the time they are in Year 6. With another ten sessions of practice, most children will have achieved this aim!

The majority of children go on to achieve their YELLOW BADGE and BLUE BADGE as well, with some even going on further to achieve the even more advanced PERSONAL SURVIVAL awards - wow!

For a full breakdown of the criteria required for each badge, please click on the link below.




Congratulations to the following Year 1 and 2 children who achieved their WATER CONFIDENCE certificates during the Summer Term 2018!

Nathaniel B, Fenella, Oliver B, Bella B, Elizabeth C, Lottie, Mia, Luke D, Ollie H, Archie L, Jude, Stanley, Ben O, Chloe P, Avena P, Chloe P, Shannon, Jack, Callum, Ellis, Harriet


Congratulations also to the following children who achieved both their BLACK and RED badges this term! Super swimming everyone!

Franklin, Eva B-A, Ruby B, Sholto, Jake, Maisie, Annabella, William P-J, Emily S



BOSBURY 2017-18

GREEN BADGE - competently swimming 25 metres, which was achieved by 84% of the Year 6 children in 2017-18.

YELLOW BADGE - 47% of the Year 6 children 2017-18.

BLUE BADGE - using a range of strokes effectively, which was achieved by 42% of the Year 6 children 2017-18.

(Percentages of Year 6 children achieving badges are lower than previous years as a result of no swimming taking place for eighteen months due to the swimming pool being refurbished)