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Summer Fair and Bostival another Roaring Success!

A massive, MASSIVE well done and thank you to FOBS who organized another amazing summer fair and Bostival last weekend.



The continuing gorgeous weather drew scores of parents, grandparents, children and other relatives to the school field as the punters enjoyed the wide range of varied stalls and games on offer, such as Class 1's target game, Class 2's 'Guess the Number of Pieces on the Lego House' challenge (can you find the winning Dad who guessed the exact number of pieces elsewhere on the website?), Class 3's Angry Birds demolition derby, Class 4's deceptively tricky Flip a Bottle game, designed by the children themselves at Forest School (it looked impossible, yet six skilful players managed to land the bottle upright on the wooden slats), and Class 5's challenging ping pong game!




The event started and ended half an hour earlier than originally planned due to a certain important game of football taking place at 3:00pm that afternoon, but after everyone had raced back to TV sets in homes and pubs, the Three Lions victory set the perfect tone for the party, glitter and face paints to continue at Bostival afterwards!




Football fever had clearly taken over as a huge football match took place against the sunset backdrop of the tents which had been set up on the field for those revellers who were camping the night, with music being provided on stage by a traditional folk band and then a group of college students who got everyone raving with some superb covers. As you can see, Bosbury children even got the chance to take to the stage themselves with their plastic microphones and inflatable guitars!




Thank you and well done to FOBS joint chairladies Marianne Bailey and Kate Gatfield-Donovan and to all of the other FOBS members and helpers (far too many to list here but you know who you all are!) for organizing another incredible summer fundraising extravaganza for our school, as well as to all of the teachers and teaching assistants who also helped run the class stalls on the day.

Bosbury does indeed ROCK!