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Staffing News - Happy and Sad!

We will be extremely sad at the end of next term to be saying goodbye to our Deputy Headteacher Mr. Lee Dunn as he takes up a new Deputy Head role at a similar-sized school to Bosbury in South Gloucestershire.

Mr. Dunn has been a familiar friendly face and an integral part of Bosbury Primary School's success over the last four years, being instrumental in the Global Schools programme in forging a special new partnership with the Grove School in Handsworth which culminated in pupils from both schools paying a visit to each other in 2016, as well as doing huge amounts of work to develop the Bosbury Forest School area with his great interest and enthusiasm for outdoor learning with the Class 4 visit to nearby Clissett Wood again two years ago being a particular highlight.




In fact when last year's Year 6 leavers group were asked about what their favourite memories of Bosbury School were, the following two lovely comments came up which are testament to Mr. Dunn's inspirational (and extremely fun!) outdoor teaching:

"I remember playing in the big tree. In class four I loved doing forest school with Mr. Dunn as I really like the outdoors."

"My favourite memory is when I came to look at the school and Mr Dunn was climbing the tree in Forest School!"

Hundreds of pupils have also benefitted greatly from Mr. Dunn's superb maths teaching, with his film clubs also being extremely popular amongst dedicated Key Stage 2 movie-goers. Mr. Dunn has also been the first port of call over the last few years for both children and staff alike for anything involving wires, iPads, speakers and laptops, and has been the organizer of many a school outing to the likes of science museums, roman baths and Buddhist temples.

Below is a letter which Mr. Dunn has written to Bosbury parents and carers on his new appointment. Details of the new Deputy Head vacancy can also be found on the eteach website here. The post is available to apply for up until Monday 16th April with candidates being interviewed by the Headteacher Miss Spence, the school governing body and the school council on 17th and 20th April.



We will all miss Mr. Dunn greatly but at the same time we are also very happy that he will be moving to a school located much nearer to his home so that he can be closer to his family. Don't worry however Class 4 as we are sure that Mr. Dunn still has plenty up his sleeve with his signature alternative teaching methods to keep them enthused and on their toes for the next four months!




We were also delighted recently to have appointed Mrs. Sian Dark as maternity cover teacher for Mrs. Wilesmith when she leaves us after the Easter Holidays to have her baby.

Mrs. Dark made it through a rigorous interview process with Miss Spence and the school governors, not to mention an even more rigorous grilling from the ever-formidable school council as she looks forward to taking up her new role as Class 2 teacher.

Mrs. Dark is already very well known to Class 2 after working as a teaching assistant in their class since before Christmas, and she will be assisted in class by the other familiar friendly faces of Miss Cooke and Mrs Swain.

Mrs. Dark has a wealth of experience in working in schools, having taught in a secondary school for many years as a modern languages teacher and has also been a senior leader as well as an education consultant in a number of other schools, so we are extremely confident that Class 2 as well as next year's Class 2 will be in very good hands during Mrs. Wilesmith's absence. In fact, she is already busily planning lots of exciting activities for the Summer Term!

On the subject of next year's classes, these will not be decided until June, but at present it is likely that many children will stay in the same class as this year. It is good practice professionally for teachers to move around and teach in different year groups, and so this may occur in some classes in September.

Whichever class and with whichever teacher however, you can always expect the very highest standard of teaching and learning at Bosbury Primary School.