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Red Team Reigns at Sports Day!

Congratulations to the Red Team who emerged victorious at this year's hotly-contested Bosbury School Sports Day.



After losing out on the coveted Sports Day trophy to the likes of the Blue Team and Yellow Team in recent years, the Reds put in a sterling performance to emerge the winners under the glorious sunshine which the school field had been bestowed with that day in front of a bumper crowd of parent spectators.




This most prestigious of sporting events in the Bosbury School calendar began as always with the opening straight sprint as the school's finest runners raced down the track to the rousing score of Chariots of Fire. Despite one or two characteristic false starts which were swiftly dealt with under the watchful eye of referee Mr, Thompson, the sizeable crowd of spectators were treated to a magnificent and determined display of sprinting from Bosbury's future Farahs and Bolts.




Next up was the primary school sports day institution of the egg and spoon race, where concentration, co-ordination and focus are just as important if not more so than speed as these attributes were clearly visible on the faces of the competitors as they kept their spoons steady to the vintage sounds of Dean Martin.




Balance and focus continued to be the name of the game as the balancing-beanbags-on-heads-while-stepping-over-hurdles (™) race then followed, with the Year 6 helpers doing a sterling job in keeping the participants on track during this more challenging of events as the older children had to contend with some monster-sized hurdles.




The cones were then set out for the football-dribbling race as Bosbury's budding Beckhams, Messis, Kanes and Sterlings looked to put their skills learnt from observing sports coach Mr. Butler to the test as they skilfully controlled the ball to the rousing score of Three Lions in preparation for a certain significant tournament starting that week.




After a quick check-in with professional scorers for the day Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Kaye revealed that a sizeable gulf was already starting to develop between the teams, further events then followed including the sack race, a mainstay of school sports days probably since William I first set foot on English soil as Bosbury's pupils put the school's brand new super-strenghened sacks through their paces with again some superb displays of determination and teamwork on show... especially amongst siblings!




Following the relays it was then time for the long-awaited return of Bosbury School's infamous water-carrying relay to decide who would be claiming the trophy this year, and even though many of this notorious event's participants perhaps got slightly damper than they had bargained for, there were still smiles all round!







Staff and parents then got their chance to shine (?) as they took on a challenging obstacle race, before one final tot up of the scores revealed the Red Team to be this year's champions!




A huge well done to the Reds as they now get to keep the trophy for twelve months ready to defend the title at Bosbury School Sports Day 2019, and well done also to all of the other teams who showed such brilliant standards of sportsmanship, teamwork, determination and courage throughout the day. Thank you also to Sports Day leader Mr. Thompson, to Miss Spence for her MC skills on the microphone, to Mr. Ponter, Mr. Butler and Luke for organizing the equipment for the day, to Mr. Ponter for putting together our new Sports Day soundtrack for 2018, to Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Kaye for scoring, to Miss Cooke, Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Miss Fisher for taking on the tricky job of handing out the first, second and third place stickers, to Mrs. Swain for the photography and to all of the teachers for manning each team.

We leave you with these special pictures kindly provided by Bosbury mum Laura McCrae which we think perfectly illustrate the teamwork, tension, excitement, drama and competitiveness which are all always synonymous with Bosbury School Sports Day!