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New Playground Fencing now up!

Installation of our new playground fencing is now complete, and we are very pleased with how much safer and secure it will make our school as well as how its dark green colour helps it to blend into our school's lovely surroundings without it being too intrusive.




Although perhaps not quite as pretty as the old wooden fence, the new metal fence is much stronger and more secure than the previous fence which was starting to fall into a very sorry state, and, along with the new door swipes which are being installed on key doors throughout school which can only been opened through special key fobs issued to members of staff, our school will be a safer place to be than ever. Thank you to all of the parents who have helped to try and maintain the old fence over recent years.

Thank you also to all of the Key Stage 1 parents and children who have been very patient during the first week back at school over Easter as their new section of the fencing has been added. 



The impact on the hedgerows surrounding the Key Stage 1 playground has thankfully been fairly limited, although part of the new nature area which was developed by Miss Cooke's gardening club to the right of the above picture has had to be removed in the process of installing the fence.

For this reason, we would be extremely grateful if any parents could make any donations of plants or seeds to help replenish this valuable new area - in particular Miss Cooke is looking for a nice honey suckle or other plant which could climb up the new fence by the tadpole container, as well as a new bird feeder to replace the one which has sadly gone missing.

Thank you also to Nathaniel and Isaac's Dad who is hard at work making raised vegetable frames and a wormery for the school. We really appreciate all of the efforts made my parents in order to improve, preserve and enhance the environment at our school. Don't forget that we will be looking for volunteers to help tidy up, replenish and maintain the grounds during the school's annual Grounds Day on Friday 26th May.



Our neighbours at Jack-in-the-Box Nursery on the school site have also been benefitting from the new fencing - it has made their already-lovely forest school area much lighter, more spacious airy, with the builders even managing to take the time to very kindly clear up the far corner of the woods to allow the wooden play house to be relocated there, as well as even throwing into the bargain some new logs to be used in the forest school area! Thank you builders! Jack-in-the-Box will also be receiving a brand new gate and security keypad over the coming days.

We hope that children and parents like the new fence as much as we do!