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Key Stage 2 Class Assembly Season!

The last month has seen us being treated to some utterly superb class assemblies as all of the Key Stage 2 classes took to the stage.




Class 5 were first up as they gave a fantastic assembly based on their topic of the Second World War, featuring a moving ukulele piece as they told the story of the plight of evacuee children who were moved away from their families in the cities to avoid the dangers of bombing, being sent to live in the countryside with host families who usually consisted of farmers and retired folk.

There were some really fantastic costumes on display, and as you can see, some of our older pupils became rather attached to their new look!  




A Bosbury School first then occurred as not one but TWO class assemblies occurred in one week, with Class 4 taking to the stage on Wednesday fresh from their visit to the Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon the week beforehand to present an exciting Horrible Histories-style game show based on the Roman Empire.




There were special cameos from Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and a Celt, as well as a tremendously stirring battle speech from a young lady who is surely destined to be the next Queen Boudicca as the Gruesome Greens, Rotten Reds and Blood-Curdling Blues battled against each other to become the quiz champions!




The deciding round then involved the teams choosing their own 'champions' from the audience (ie. the willing victi... er, volunteers of Owen's Mum, Annie's Dad and Mr. Ponter) to participate in a gruesome eyeball challenge devised by the Horrible Histories mad scientists.




Finally, it was Class 3's turn to entertain us as they strutted their stuff in superb style on the catwalk, showing off their brilliant designs made entirely out of recycled materials after working hard with Rosa's Dad to create some superb fashion collages. Two Bosbury members of staff even got the chance to be dressed up as well!





All of Class 3's amazing fashion collages and designs as well as additional photos from the Class 4 assembly can be found in the 'Gallery' section of the website under the 'Parents' tab above.

Well done to all of the clever and confident children who performed in these assemblies as well as to all of the staff who worked so hard to put them together. Special thanks also to Sunny Todd for his terrific inspiration in helping Class 3 to design their recycled masterpieces!

Goodness me, what WILL Class 1 and 2 have in store for us after half term I wonder to top this...?