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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Performance!

We've had perilous Pirates of the Curry Bean and rockin' Rocky Monster Shows, but this year Bosbury School went for the big one for its end of year production with a truly spectacular and unforgettable performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat in the first ever collaboration between Year 6 and the school choir.



After rubbing shoulders with Andrew Lloyd Webber's brother Julian back in February at the Three Counties Hotel in Hereford and then going on to scoop the Herefordshire School Choir of the Year prize at The Courtyard Theatre a few weeks later, the choir were more than prepared to take on the job of providing the backing vocals for a stellar production which the elder of the Lloyd Webber brothers would have been truly proud of!



After many rehearsal sessions under a tight time pressure and the frantic construction and painting of the stage and scenery in the first time the school hall has had to accommodate a lengthways stage since the production (as several Bosbury veterans may remember) of Zoomback in 2013, the first full dress rehearsal went ahead on the penultimate Friday afternoon of the school year as the school's new dynamic lighting system was also put through its paces for the first time.



Year 6 told the classic Book of Genesis Bible story of Joseph in elegant style as Jacob presented his favourite son with the famous titular garment (can you remember every single colour and the order in which they were mentioned towards the end of this song?), before his eleven jealous brothers ripped the coat up and had poor Joseph sold as a slave to two passing Ishmaelites.



Joseph's luck then took a turn for the worse once again when he was imprisoned by his new master, but after managing to successfully interpret the dreams of two fellow prisoners the butler and the baker, he is brought before the Pharaoh himself who had received news of Joseph's amazing abilities.




The Pharaoh, who happened to have something of a certain King of Rock and Roll about him, was so impressed by Joseph's correct prediction of seven years of bounty followed by seven years of famine that he appointed him to be his second in command. Joseph's brothers however were not so fortunate, instead having to endure years of hunger and poverty caused by the famine which led them to travel to Egypt to beg for food.




There they met a newly-powerful Joseph, and even though he offers his grovelling brothers food as they continue to be oblivious to his identity, he tests their honesty and humility in retribution for what they did to him years earlier by planting a golden chalice in one of their sacks, which happened to belong to the hapless Benjamin.




Shocked at the supposed evidence of theft from a powerful man, the brothers protest Benjamin's innocence and instead offer to let themselves be taken prisoner in his place. Realizing that his brothers' natures appear to have changed, he finally reveals his true identity to them and, to everyone's great joy, Jacob travels to Egypt to join his family, be reunited with his favourite son and return his beloved coat in an emotional penultimate scene.




The fabulous performance then ended with not one but two renditions of this infamous final song as both Josephs were present for the final reveal of the full coat in all of its breathtakingly colourful glory to standing ovations and not a dry eye in the house.




Congratulations to all of our outgoing Year 6 superstars for putting on no fewer than four incredible performances worthy of Broadway itself, and to all of Bosbury School Choir for making each and every song in one of the school's first ever purely musical numbers so rousing and memorable.

A huge, HUGE thank you also goes to Mrs. Walker for her terrific musical direction as well as Mr. Thompson for all of his work as senior director, and also to Mrs. Lane for all of her work in producing the many props for the play, Miss Cooke and Mr. Smith for their work as stagehands during the performances, Mr. Ponter for operating the new lighting system and Greg the electrician for installing them, to Flo in Year 5 for operating the music, to Mrs. Cale for her traditional terrific backdrops and to Mrs. Ruddick for her support in painting them (well done to Jensen who correctly identified all five of the trademark hidden images and correctly translated the hieroglyphics of the rosetta stone to win a lollipop), to Mrs. Bailey for her literally amazing work in creating the amazing technicolour dreamcoats, and finally to Mrs. Drury for all of her face paint work.


We leave you with some exclusive behind the scenes shots before the final evening performance. Goodness me, how ARE we going to top this next year...?