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First Special Assemblies of 2018

We welcomed two different organizations into Bosbury School this week as they kindly held our first special school assemblies of the new year.




First to visit was Paul from Severn Trent Water on Monday, who talked to the children about the water cycle as well as all of the busy work which has been going on at the sewage works just behind our Forest School area at the top of the school field. 

The pupils really enjoyed taking part in the presentation, with some of them even getting to don the all-important hard hats and florescent vests worn by the workmen themselves!




Paul's main message to the children was that toilets use around 30% of the total water used in a household when you flush them, with older-style single flush toilets using around thirteen litres per flush! That's five and a half bottles of large coke bottles every time you flush the loo!

Therefore, Paul advised the pupils that toilets should only be flushed when they have one or more of the 'three Ps' in them. One of these is paper - we'll let you work out what the other two are!

Did you also know that we are using the same water that the dinosaurs used millions and millions of years ago?


Our old friend Buddy then paid us a visit on Thursday along with several ladies from the NSPCC to talk to the children about keeping safe and who they can talk to and contact if they are feeling worried or concerned about concerned about anything.

Next Thursday, Class 4 and 5 will be receiving some workshops from the NSPCC, and there will also be an online safety workshop for parents in the hall at 2:15pm.


Over the next few weeks, the children will also be taking part in fitness activities in order to raise money from the NSPCC - they have already received a sponsorship form which needs to be returned along with any sponsorship money by the time Buddy visits us again on Monday 29th January. Thank you in advance to pupils and parents who will be raising money for this very worthy cause.

Thank you also to Paul from Severn Trent and the NSPCC ladies for coming into school and presenting such informative and interesting assemblies for the children. We always love it when adults from companies outside of school come in to talk to our pupils as it really helps to expand their understanding and knowledge of the world around them from people with first-hand expertise.