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Class 4 become Illustrators and Performers at The Courtyard!

Class 4 had an extremely exciting time on Tuesday when they spent much of the day at The Courtyard Theatre in Hereford with Miss Spence and Mr. Dunn practising their illustrating skills before performing their Fantastic Mr. Fox spectacle on stage in front of an audience of over 300 people!





After weeks of rehearsals in the school hall as the class practised retelling the story of Mr. Fox's plight against the devious farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean, the children looked forward to performing on stage in front of their parents although not before firstly having the chance to turn their brushes to some professional illustrating at the theatre, producing some superb pieces of work in the style of Quentin Blake.




The grand performance then took place, with the children looking completely at home on stage as they truly shone during the production, confidently delivering their lines and staying in character throughout.

Unfortunately, the five actors and actresses shown below didn't quite leave the theatre in appropriate celebrity VIP style when they were still left waiting for their coach to arrive at 7:30pm, but thankfully their positive and calm attitude paid off in the end when the theatre very kindly agreed to pay for them to have a taxi ride home.



Thank you to Becky and everyone at The Courtyard Theatre as well as to Mr. Dunn and Miss Earl in working so diligently with the class in order to prepare them for the performance. Many of the pupils were very keen to do another performance at The Courtyard next year and we can certainly expect big things from them when the times comes for their Year 6 production in the next year or two!

If your child has a particular passion for either dance or drama, we highly recommend them getting involved in the drama workshop led by former Bosbury School pupil Ben Mowbray after school on Thursdays next year.