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A Wonderful and Watery West Malvern Residential!

Year 3 and 4 had an absolutely brilliant time on their residential trip to West Malvern Outdoor Elements earlier this term, with a Bosbury School first taking place in the process as this year witnessed the very first time this particular age group dipped their feet (and quite a lot more!) in the exciting and very wet world of water sports!



Before these high-seas hijinks took place however, the children warmed up their teamwork skills on arrival at the centre with some tricky problem-solving activities, including using mats in a co-operative manner in order to get each other across an imaginary lake full of shark-infested custard, before attempting to help each other make the climb up a very steep corrugated pipe!






Having limbered up it was then time to take to the trees as the intrepid explorers kitted up with the infamous harnesses and carbineers and bravely strode across the Indiana Jones bridges - although once they gained confidence, some children found it just as much fun to experience life as a puppet and just hang around!





The evening session then saw everyone embark on a challenging jaunt up the Malverns, but although the children were quite clearly more than a little tired from their first gruelling day of activities, they were rewarded by some truly magnificent views from the hills.






It was then time to rise and shine early the following morning for a scrumptious breakfast of bacon, beans and waffles as the children then undertook the task of making their very own sandwiches for lunch that day. Parents take note - they actually did a very good job with minimum mess and a sensible selection of fillings!