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A Truly Magical Christingle!

Bosbury School hosted a truly magnificent Christingle service at Bosbury Church on the last day of term, getting everyone into the Christmas spirit as the record congregation reflected the feeling shared by many parents, grandparents and even members of staff that this was one of the best ever festive services produced by the school and its pupils.




After six weeks of Saturday morning rehearsals with Mrs. Walker, the big moment had finally arrived for Bosbury School's first ever all-parent and adult choir as they sang for the very first time in front of a live audience, and what a remarkable opening performance of the service it was with this truly beautiful rendition of Winter Wonderland:


00001 from Chris Ponter on Vimeo.


The stage then went to the children as Class 5's actors and actresses led the service by entering the church to a beautiful solo of Once in Royal David's City as the rest of the school and congregation joined in...




... before the entire school then showed off their instrumental skills in superb style by playing their ocarinas, recorders and ever-popular ukuleles to the tune of Silent Night - there was even a xylophone duet on stage!





Following a rousing performance of All the Angels on High by Key Stage 2, it was then time for Class 3 to shine as they gave a very moving rendition of O Star O Star. Such was the quality of their singing that Mr. Ponter actually thought that the school choir was performing when he entered the church partway through a rehearsal the day beforehand - you can certainly tell that their teacher is the school's resident music professional!



00003 from Chris Ponter on Vimeo.


Anyone who missed out on Key Stage 1's amazing Wriggly Nativity performed the previous week were then in for a treat as the stable animals of Class 1 and 2 performed Dancing About in the Straw, and after more great performances of Shepherd's Song and We Have Found Him from Class 5 and 4 respectively, Bosbury's signature drums boomed to the tune of Come They Told Me.







Class 5 then gave a very special performance of We Can't See Jesus - a short play which explored the true meaning of Christmas and how it is extremely important not to lose sight of it in amongst all of the shopping, presents and parties which take place at this merry time of year. The pupils were incredibly confident and clear in front of such a large audience, so much so that Mr. Thompson said that in all the years he has worked with Year 5 and 6 children to produce this piece of drama, this was the best performance of it he had ever seen!





The standout moment of the whole service then occurred as the parent choir and school choir joined forces for a truly stunning joint rendition of Born on Christmas Day. There were very few dry eyes in the house and it really did have to be seen to be believed. A very proud Miss Spence felt that the spectacle was truly on another level!





If that wasn't emotional enough, it was then time for the traditional yet always extremely poignant sight of the whole school standing in a circle around the with their lit Christingles as the beautiful tune of Hope of Heaven echoed around the church.




A huge, HUGE well done to all of the pupils for such a remarkable and moving service (including the very brave and confident Class 5 children shown below who delivered such clearly-read pieces from the pulpit - we even had Mary herself joining us for a reading!), to all the members of the adult choir for being extremely brave and singing wonderfully in front of their first ever very sizeable audience, to all of the teachers and teaching assistants who have been practising the songs diligently with their classes over the last few weeks, and of course to Mrs. Walker for putting it all together in such incredible style and raising the bar to a whole new level. 

Goodness me, how on EARTH are we going to top this performance next year...?





We leave you with some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and footage of the school and adult choirs rehearsing together before school started that day in preparation for their highly-anticiapted performance together. More photos from the service can also be viewed in the Gallery section of the school website by clicking HERE.