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Feedback and Memories

This is a new page designed to allow parents of children at our school to share the experiences they have had with us.




What better way to start this new page than with some of the lovely memories which pupils of our 2017 Year 6 leavers group have shared of our school:


My time at Bosbury has been good and I have had my ups and downs. I started Bosbury in Reception and have continued on to year 6 and I am going to high school in September. All of the teachers have helped me improve massively! I have really enjoyed Bosbury! - Lily-Mai


I have loved my time here at Bosbury C.E Primary School, it all started in Year 3 in 2013 where I knew no-one but after the first day I knew everyone I needed to know. My favourite memory of PGL was when I had to climb a really tall tower then ring a bell, so I persevered and was the first girl to get to the top! My favourite memory of Arête residential was when Kori, Izzy, Leland and I all went on the gorge slide and, yes, I was the first to get wet! My favourite memory of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat’ production will be 10X better than the rehearsals. I’m sad to be leaving this amazing school but I’m sure I will never forget it ever! Miss you! - Eva


Bosbury School is amazing! I made lots of friends and the lessons are really fun. I really recommend it to everyone. My favourite memory is when I came to look at the school and Mr Dunn was climbing the tree in Forest School! - Alice


I really enjoyed my time at Bosbury because the lessons are really fun. My favourite thing at Bosbury I have done is going to Arête because I got to do a backflip off the boat into the cave and sliding down the water fall. I have really enjoyed my time at Bosbury. - Josh


I’ve been at Bosbury for seven years, and every year has been epic. When I started in reception, I was a bit shy but now in year 6 I have become more outgoing and involved in many school clubs and activities thanks to great encouragement from all the teachers. Over the years I have made a family of friends that I hope I will stay in touch with in high school and beyond. I have a young cousin in the lower school and I hope he leaves with as cool memories as I have. - Jack


I’ve only been at Bosbury for two years, but it’s been an amazing experience. The sports are great, the lessons are fun and everybody is very well behaved. At my old school the only sports I was good at were cross-country and cricket, but after joining Bosbury I’ve become a lot better at cricket and found a new love for football and I am excited to be attending a trial at West Brom, who also works with the school. The school have helped me so much and I think I have done very well in my SATs. The school choir is also amazing and won Herefordshire choir of the year. Bosbury School is fun, amazing, sporty and overall out-standing. I would recommend this school to anyone that is reading this. - Isaac


I joined Bosbury at the young age of four. I remember my first day, I was shaking in fear. Mrs. Munford led me to Class 1’s sandpit. Bosbury has helped me grow in confidence; I went from being a boy who cried every day to a boy who walked to school with no worries or issues. I remember the year two campout. I asked Mr Ponter what the time was and he responded “Two late!” (it was 12 o’clock). I remember going in my first sports team it was… football! I have really enjoyed playing in most of the sports teams with my friends and growing in confidence. These two years in Mr. Thompsons’s class have helped me get ready for secondary school or high school. I would love to stay at Bosbury but I have to move on. Thank you Bosbury! - Eliot


I started school in reception and I made lots of friends; most of them moved up into class two but I stayed in class one although we were still good friends. I remember playing in the big tree. In class four I loved doing forest school with Mr. Dunn as I really like the outdoors. As I moved into class five, I felt the year sixes weren’t as scary as when I was in class four. When I went into year 6 I didn’t feel one as them because I have been looking up to them in my school career. I have been on two residentials: PGL Liddington and Arête Outdoor centre. I really enjoyed doing the evening activities at PGL and doing gorge walking at Arête. I loved my time at Bosbury; I wish I could start it all again. Thank you!! - James


Thank you Bosbury for being a great school! I joined around the end of year five. When I joined I didn’t feel nervous coming through the gate but before I was terrified. I already know a lot of people here so it wasn’t that bad. I have been in most of the sport teams and have done a lot more than I ever did at my old school. It has been great. My favourite sport we did was the cricket in Ross. We had a residential trip to PGL Liddington, it was great fun going abseiling, canoeing and climbing. I shared a room with Isaac and Jenson and the teacher said we were the quietest. - AJ


Thank you,

For all the school trips we’ve had,

For all the fantastic lessons,

For all the great teachers,

For the amazing year two campout,

For all of the years of Bostival,

For the fabulous FOBS

For all the five years of sporting events,

For all the clubs and sports,

And all of my friends.

- Jack


And here are some wonderful tributes which we have received recently from the parents of some of our pupils:


Bosbury School

When Ollie started at Bosbury school,

He wasn’t one to follow the rule.

He pushed all the boundaries, thought he could win,

And all the time was as sharp as a pin!

The teachers they saw this, they could see who he was,

They nurtured and taught him,

Just because……

That’s what they do, that’s what it is,

They meet every need whether it’s hers or it’s his.

Ollie wouldn’t do assembly, he didn’t do plays,

He wouldn’t step foot on that big wide stage.

But slowly and surely, they helped him believe,

And see what it was that he could achieve.

With guided support and seamless transitions,

Every day for him became less of a mission.

Mrs Thompson helped with debating,

And thinking outside of the box.

Mrs Swain gave him grounding,

And she pulled out all the stops.

Mr Dunn, we say he’s magic, he inspired him you see,

To do anything he wants and be anyone he can be.

Mr Thompson worked him hard, he knew what Ollie could do,

He challenged him to be the best and believed in him through and through.

Mrs Lane has always listened, she provides that calming voice,

Helped him to see that we all do get that choice.

Mrs Walker brought out his musical notes, in drumming and in vocals

She gave him opportunity and for that I’m very grateful.

Miss Spence pulls them all together, she leads with style and grace

Always finding time within the ever-challenging pace,

To talk about the individual child with a parent or a carer,

Guiding and supporting so the bond grows ever nearer.

So, I would like to thank you all

Thank Bosbury with all my heart

For helping him immensely

And giving Ollie such an amazing start!

- Helen Smith (Parent of Ollie, Year 6 leaver 2017)



Eleven Years of…

Standing at the school gate…

Sharing moments of joy, grief and everything in between…

Waiting nervously for the first assembly…

Watching them safely caught when they fall…

Loving seeing them grow, stand tall and and learn to fly…

Re-living the very best of childhood sports days…

Clapping, singing and cheering on…

And finally shedding enough tears of pride to fill the playground with a great, big puddle.

Thank you Bosbury.

 - Sam Roffe
Mother of Jake (Reception September 2005) and Chloe (Reception September 2010)



Just wanted to record our thanks and gratitude to you and all your entire staff at Bosbury for the tremendous, outstanding and committed work with all the youngsters this year!

Everything from forest school, music events, performing arts, including the strong and soulful choir, performing arts and drama, science projects, topic work, sports, curriculum areas like maths and English and foreign languages and the fantastic assisting staff support, after school actvities etc. really is awesome! You are all giving a perfectly well rounded education, vital early years and key stages of learning, building memories for lifetimes, preparing and transitioning our children, building great social and practical skills and generally preparing our children for life ahead where they can contribute and enjoy life as they will.

We have to say we were especially blown away by the leavers performance of Joseph. Really, really brilliant! The talent of the children, they gave 100%, and talented sta and parents are really quite extraordinary.

- Class 4 parent