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Recent Achievements and Forward Plans


Bosbury CE Primary School Curriculum 2017/18

“The national curriculum is just one element in the education of every child. There is time and space in the school day and in each week, term and year to range beyond the national curriculum specifications. The national curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider school curriculum”. (2014 National Curriculum)

The aim for schools is to create a curriculum that both reflects and serves the needs of the children within the community in which they are geographically and culturally located. The only requirement is that this “school curriculum” should encompass the statutory requirement to teach the National curriculum. At Bosbury this means that we follow the objectives laid out in the curriculum but use the teachers and children’s interests to create the curriculum. We aim for outcomes to be based on real life experiences. 

The curriculum is permanently evolving continually seeking to focus on the children’s interests and to keep pace with the social and educational changes.

Our Curriculum aims include:

  • asking ‘big questions’
  • having fun with friends and loving learning
  • having memories that last
  • being morally, spiritually and culturally aware
  • teamwork
  • persevere through challenge
  • creativity and problem solving
  • tolerance, global awareness and respect for others

From these aims the school’s curriculum planning develops and creates curricular drivers that will deliver the school’s curriculum aims through the statutory content of the National Curriculum. These drivers form the basis for all medium term planning within the school. Drivers are based in real life learning, they enable teachers to be flexible, use the environment, visit locations and invite visitors in to support. They allow the school to ensure coverage and progression through the National Curriculum but also allow for the breadth of the School Curriculum.

The Bosbury Curriculum aims to enrich children’s lives and their families. It draws on the creative arts, mathematics, literary world, dance, theatre, music, language, scientists and a plethora of other inspiration using technology to support.

Throughout the week the driver is interwoven across the curriculum. In addition children are immersed in language through their Spanish lesson, music through their daily instrument lesson and sport delivered by high quality coaches. Children learn to keep themselves safe through our detailed and rigorous curriculum for Personal, Social and Health Education and through forest school.

In addition we have days/weeks were we drop the curriculum planned to learn about global aspects, health or art and science.

Yearly a whole school project takes place where we invite the local community. Recently we have invited everyone in the village to a Heritage project exhibited in the church, a carnival procession, an art exhibition exhibited in the houses and buildings in Bosbury. Our next venture is creating a tourist trail around the village.

We are very busy at Bosbury but ensure daily that all children practise the fundamentals of handwriting, creative writing, mathematics, reading and keeping fit and healthy by running the mile.

Please see the curriculum long term plans on the website. These plans are not fixed and are flexible dependent on teacher and child planning.


Our most recent inspections

We achieved success in our most recent OFSTED Inspection (2014) when our school was given an 'Outstanding' grading.

In 2015, the school also received a SIAMS Church of England 'Outstanding' rating for its Christian Distinctiveness.


  Recent Achievements and Forward Plans 2018/19

  Recent Achievements and Forward Plans 2017/18

  Recent Achievements, Forward Plans and New Initiatives 2016-2017






New Initiatives for 2014-2015

*  Bosbury CE Primary School has become a Global Expert Centre. We have a lead teacher who runs Global training for our school and other schools in the local area.

*  Consultants are supporting the school with work on E- safety and computer programming.

*  A new curriculum which aspires to equip future generations to live as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We provide real life experiences frequently.

*  Ethos, Arts and School Council are active making decisions. The Ethos council is joined by the Vicar and Governor responsible for Christian Distinctiveness.

*  Dedicated weeks to science and the Arts.

*  Global days half termly looking and reflecting on the world around us.

*  Regular art work in our art gallery.

*  We have been awarded a Silver accolade for our sports achievements.

*  We have been awarded Gold Arts Mark for our arts, drama, music and dance.

*  Herefordshire Arts College has strong links with the school. We have had two artists in residence working with the school in the last year.

*  Spanish is being taught throughout the school to every child by our Spanish teacher. *  Language leaders from John Masefields High School will be supporting the school with Spanish workshops.

*  Philosophy for children is running throughout the school.

*  FOBS our parent volunteers are raising money for new playground equipment.

*  School Council have decided this year that the children will fundraise for Toilet Twinning.

*  Strong links with Birmingham and Worcester teaching colleges. A number of trainee teachers have successfully completed their placements at Bosbury this year.

*  For the second year we are organising a Herefordshire and Worcestershire Inter School Debating competition. Many schools take part.

*  After School clubs are running and change termly.

*  Albion Sports coaches teach all children throughout the week.

*  FA football coach is running a girls football team and training KS2 children.

*  A specialist music teacher teaches all children and runs a drumming club and choir.

*  Over 80% of our children attend after school clubs and the choice is huge – 12 this term!

*  Lunch time clubs are running and include: football, games, chess, gardening, debating and lots more.


Key Priorites for 2014-2015

  • 1 - Accelerated progress for all children in reading, writing and maths
  • 2 - Global teaching across the school
  • 3 - Embed new assessment systems
  • 4 - Gold award for Sports
  • 5 - Gold Eco Award
  • 6 - Outstanding SIAMS inspection for Christian Distinctiveness