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Small School, Big Questions...



At Bosbury we encourage children to think about the world around them by asking questions about what they see, hear and experience. On this page you will find a range of big questions which the children have posed, as well as other questions which the children (and staff!) have had a go at attempting to answer.

Open-ended questions have no right or wrong answers, but help to broaden children’s thinking processes, to develop their speech and language skills, and to build confidence in their ability to express themselves using words.

A new Big Question is posed every week in the Bosbury Telegraph!




"Is it possible to rid the world of bullying?"

"Is everyone capable of bullying?"



... and here are LOTS more Big Questions for you to ponder over!

"Who am I?"

"Why am I here?"

"Who is more important - you or me?"

"What is more important - the Earth or the Sun?"

"Why is our world a place of wonder?"

"Is Heaven as big as the Earth?"

"Could you walk around the whole world?"

"What does God look like?"

"How would you bring peace to the world?"

"Why should we care about the environment?"

"What is heavier - light or dark?"

"How do you know for certain that you exist?"

"Would the world be a better place if we all looked the same?"

"What makes us human?"

"What makes us happy?"

"What's the most valuable thing in the world?"

"How many thoughts do you have in a day?"

"How do you learn to show respect?"

"Who do you trust?"

"Who should you trust?"

"Can you always trust yourself?"

"If I'm feeling sad, what should I do?"

"Can you be good and bad?"

"Can you tell if a person is good or bad by the way they look?"

"Can doing something 'bad' ever be the right thing to do?"

"Is it ever right to lie?"

"How do you feel if you break a rule?"

"Can kindness change the world?"

"Would you rather have a million pounds or a million laughs?"

"Is it always good to succeed?"

"Do rules bring freedom?"

"Which person are you most like?"

"Is it better to slow down or go faster?"

"Is it possible to hold a fair race?"

"Are visitors always welcome?"

"What is the happiest day of the week?"

"What questions would you ask if you were a rabbit? Would they be different if you were a cat?"

"Does a frog know that it's a frog?"

"What would you hear if the birds didn't sing?"

"Are there more ants in a nest than there are people in Bosbury?"

"What is more precious - water or gold?"

"Does a river always flow into the sea?"

"Why is snow white and not blue like the sky it falls from?"

"What does harvest mean to you?"

"Which colour represents you?"

"Why do we think?"

"How many different emotions do you think you feel in a single day?"

"What is more important - Maths or English?"

"Why should we read?"

"Is there any point to the number zero?"

"Where in the world do you think people are most relaxed and happy?"

"Is Rwanda (where our Tara link school is) the smallest country in Africa?"

"Does Bosbury School share more similarities or differences with our Tara link school in Rwanda?"

"Who is more powerful - the Queen or the Prime Minister?"

"Is it better to have a male or female Prime Minister?"

"What is a real Christmas card?"

"What do you want to achieve this year?"

"Was it responsible of Roald Dahl to write what some might say are rather revolting, cruel and sometimes scary storylines for young children?"

"How could we make Bosbury School even better?"

"How can we make Bosbury School even safer?"

"Have you been happy this week? What could have made your week even better?"

"What do you hope to learn and achieve this year?"

"Do you still show the Bosbury Christian values when you are not at school?"

"What is responsibility?"

"How have you shown responsibility this week?"

"How many friends do you need?"

"Are online friends really friends?"

"How do we show tolerance towards others at Bosbury?"

"Are you pleased with your behaviour towards others?"

"How happy were you at school this week out of ten?"

"How has this school year been for you?"

"If you could create a new Bosbury Christian value, what would it be?"

"Peace is our school Christian value for December. How will you help bring about peace both in school and at home?"

"What do you know about the Peace Babies after the assembly?"

"Why do we celebrate Christmas?"

"In which year was Jesus born?"

"Why do we have Christmas trees?"

"Is Easter all about the eggs?"

"Should we have expectations in life?"

"Can I think myself happy or am I stuck on feeling sad?"

"What is so great about the world anyway?"

"What is love?"

"How can you help someone if you are really far away from them?"

"What's the difference between grown-ups and children?"

"Are the best things in life free?"

"Doing your best is more important than being the best. What do you think?"